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10 Year Old Murders Elderly Woman

Damacus, Township- A 10-year-old boy from Pennsylvania has been charged as an adult for the brutal beating and death of Helen Novak, 90.

Tristen Kurilla was visiting his grandfather Anthony Vibitsky last Saturday, who was also caretaker to an elderly woman named Helen Novak. The boy went in Ms. Novak’s room and sat on the bed. Allegedly Novak yelled at him and said to leave her room.

He came back with a cane which was hooked around her neck before pushing it into her throat. He then began to punch Novak in the throat and stomach and left her.

Tristen was interviewed on Saturday where he told the grizzly details to authorities.

He also confessed to a state trooper when he said, “I killed that lady.” Later he stated that he was only trying to “hurt” her.

Novak died from blunt force trauma to the neck autopsies determined last Monday.

Virbitsky was approached by his grandson and was told that she was bleeding from the mouth. He then told police that when he went to check, she was “scared and breathing” heavy, but refusing to go to the hospital. No blood was found.

Mental Issues May Have Led To Brutal Murder of Elderly Woman

A half hour later, he notices that she was unresponsive and immediately called 911. When police came to the house they found Novak dead on arrival.

Her death was ruled as a homicide reports confirmed. Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards charged Tristen as an adult but he still has the option to petition for juvenile court instead.

“The defendant is not in general population and is being supervised 24/7 by staff,” Edwards said at a news conference Tuesday. “He is not in ‘solitary confinement’ and is being provided recreation, television and contact with family via telephone today.”

It was reported by Tristen’s attorney Bernard Brown that the boy may have mental issues and might not be fit to stand trial, reported the Associated Press.

His court date is set to be October 22nd.

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Published on: October 16, 2014

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