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A Demon is Born in ‘After Birth’

Those who think they know what to expect from a low-budget horror movie are re-thinking their perception after the latest endeavor from producer/actress Leesa Rowland and writer/director Tara Robinson. The duo is testing the very limits of horror film making as it’s known in “After Birth,” a movie that promises to offend, disturb, and disgust even the avid horror fan with its antagonizing supernatural twist to social issues like homelessness, drug abuse, and abortion.

Breaking the unspoken male-dominated boundaries in film making, Rowland teams up with Robinson as they tell the boys to step aside as they roll up their sleeves and, with their team of DangerBitches and create a story designed to show viewers that true terror is something women face every day. As evidenced by the newly released teaser trailer, After Birth is going to be a bloody, scary, monster-filled gore fest.

After Birth – Prepare to Be Offended, Disturbed and Disgusted


“It’s amazing to be a woman kicking ass in the horror genre,” Robinson said. “It’s definitely still a boys’ club, but the industry is changing. It’s exciting to be part of the revolution.”

What makes After Birth a must-see:

– Edgy cast includes Nicola Fiore (Slaughter Daughter), Leesa Rowland (Class of Nuke ‘Em High 2 &3 , Slaughter Daughter), Peter Stickles (Shortbus), and Willam Belli (RuPauls Drag Race Season 4)
– A five-minute-long horrific demon birth scene that has to be seen to be believed
– Super-creepy SFX that will leave women everywhere trembling at the thought of pregnancy
– Written, directed, produced and shot by groundbreaking women in the industry.

About After Birth:

After Birth is a gritty and heartbreaking story of a young homeless woman who births a flesh-eating demonic baby that she must battle for her own survival. Produced by Leesa Rowland, the film goes into production early September 2012. Principal photography is taking place in downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas with an expected release date of February 2013.

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Published on: August 30, 2012

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