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Antichrist Among Us? Texas Woman Believes So and Tries To Kill Him

Someone cue the creepy organ music and boys choir in D minor, because it looks as if the antichrist has joined us at last. Or so thought Texas woman Beth Ann Straley, 46, accused of breaking into a neighbor’s home set on killing their 5-year-old son whom she claimed to be none other than the Antichrist himself. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, she entered the house on January 27th wielding a .38-caliber semi automatic pistol with the intent of committing capital murder.

Babysitter Disarms Would-be Killer

After charging in, Straley was greeted instead by the family’s 37-year-old babysitter. Straley then demanded to see the parent’s of the supposed hell spawn but they weren’t home of course and after refusing to disclose the whereabouts of the boy’s parents, the apparently street tough sitter easily disarmed Straley who then ran to a nearby neighbor’s house. Upon arrival she admitted to those inside about her need to kill the 5-year-old and his parents whom she was close friends with. As it turns out, the house belonged to a former Lakeway police chief which must have made it easier to contain the situation.

It has not been disclosed yet as to why Beth Ann thought the boy to be the son of Satan, though she has since had a psychological evaluation. And stranger yet is the fact that neighbors describe her as being a “nice lady who often cared for children in their home.” Neighbors in the gated community were stunned to hear of her actions and said that she was involved in neighborhood activities. “If she would have come to the door, we would have opened it and let her in and it wouldn’t have been a big deal because she’s kind of spearheaded some of our alert systems for the neighborhood,” says Keri Mueller.

Straley was not arrested but charged with burglary and the warrant sets her bail at 500,000. Details on this case are pending as I’m sure a curious public awaits results of her mental evaluation. In the mean time, we must wait and see…

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Published on: February 15, 2012

Filled Under: Creepy News & Scary News

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