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black eyed children b.e.k urban legend playwithdeath

Black Eyed Children – The Urban Legend

Black Eyed Children – A Small time Journalist has a Spine Tingling Encounter

black eyed children b.e.k urban legend playwithdeathImagine if you will, in the dead of night, you hear a knock on your door. You look through the peephole to see a child or teenager asking to use the phone. Or you are walking alone in a deserted area when you are then approached by hooded figures in the form of children who are in need of your help. Only there is something off about them. For one, you feel a sense of dread and terror as they approach. And if you’re brave enough to stick around, you might see them look into your eyes. Only what is seen are dead black eyes devoid of any humanity. This is the mystery surrounding the phenomena of the Black Eyed Children, a story that has gained increasing popularity around the internet for decades.

The urban legend of the Black Eyed Children, or Black Eyed Kids (B.E.K.s), has been circulating the net since about 1998 when a journalist named Brian Bethel wrote about a close encounter while sitting in his parked car. Two boys came by and asked for a ride home explaining that they were on their way to the movies and had forgotten to bring money. Bethel was tempted momentarily to comply, but his better judgment told him to hesitate.

Children with Jet Black Eyes

That was when they looked up and Brian realized why he had such an ominous feeling about the situation. Both the kids had what he described as “coal black eyes”. Suffice to say, he was quick to flee the area and then documenting what would be the first of many encounters with these entities.

black eyed children b.e.k playwithdeathThe legend is basically the same premise but occurring in different situations across the nation. A young person anywhere from 6 to 16 approaches you at night when you’re alone. They ask you for help- either to use your phone because they are lost or have to come inside to use your bathroom. Sometimes the B.E.K.s even offer to help you but whatever they really want, the description is usually the same. These “kids” are dressed in plain clothes like jeans and hoodies or sometimes old fashioned Amish style dress.

Some have been seen late at night, usually around 10p.m.-3 a.m. walking the streets waiting for their chance to approach an unsuspecting stranger. There have been alleged reports of them scouting out and trying to get in houses, but the main mystery is in their eyes. Totally black and the desire to have someone let them in but only if they are invited.

A man named Ezekiel Finch has reported of his encounters in online forums. He has claimed to have had visits from the B.E.K.s two of the most intense being in very cold weather. He saw them one night standing in a crowd of people, two loners staring at him with black eyes and flat smiles. Steam could be seen coming from everyone else standing around in the cold but not the other two.

“People breathe all the time. They inhale before speaking, and that’s it,” Finch said. “When they did speak you didn’t see anything. Not a damn thing. Everyone else had visible breath, they didn’t.”

In his second encounter, Finch actually spoke with one. “I had the displeasure of conversing with one as she tried to convince me it was fine for her to be invited into my home,” Finch said. “It was 30 degrees, snow on the ground, and she was wearing a tiny mini skirt and a spaghetti-strapped top just standing there.”

The girl tried to convince him to let her inside and he thought maybe she was on drugs or lost. Then he noticed something even stranger. “There was no reaction to the cold, no visible breath, no inhaling,” he said. “She could care less about the temperature, or breathing.”

He believes they aren’t even human. “They want you to be at ease. They want you to feel safe, to feel like they are harmless. You want you to give them a ride or let them in,” he said. “They are predators.”

So what happens if you do let one in? Such an encounter can be read here: Pararational .

An author named David Weatherly has written a book about this creepy conspiracy entitled “Black Eyed Children” which offers numerous first hand experiences as well as the supernatural elements surrounding this unnerving legend in the making.

Ghosts, Demons, and Aliens

More stories like his are showcased in many forums around the net. Theories about these so called “children”, range from them being alien/human hybrids, demons, ghosts, or even M.I. B. (men in black). Whatever they are, the consensus seems to be that they are not human as most witnesses believe them to be soulless lacking any shred of humanity in their eyes, considered to be windows to the soul.

As of yet, I have no solid opinion about this urban legend as I have never encountered such a thing myself as well as the lack of information, most being testimonial in nature. I do however keep an open mind on all subjects including those of “paranormal” origins. If you believe we are living in the end times, as many do, it could be a “thinning of the veil” as researchers in the field of metaphysics say. Things that were once invisible to the human eye are now taking form in our dimension and those “things” that should have been left in the darkness, are once again coming out to play.

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Published on: September 5, 2013

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4 Responses to Black Eyed Children – The Urban Legend

  1. Keightlen says:

    Some people think that ” star children ” are the black eyed children ! If you don’t know what a star child is google it

  2. Hi, I wanted to tell someone this. When my sister was 16 a little girl approached her and asked if she could use her cellphone but she told her that she was in a hurry, she then replied in a different manner like if you were very mad at your friend you would yell at then right then she replied again “CAN I USE YOUR CELLPHONE!!!!!” me and my sister got scared that little girl didn’t sound like she was even little. My sister and I said “No” and left. We both left home and didn’t tell any one.