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Teen Decapitates Friend; Wanted Someone To Dissect

Sasebo, Japan- A school girl, 15, has confessed to assaulting and decapitating her friend because she wanted someone to dissect. Police responded to a call from the parents of Aiwa Masuko after she failed to show after texting them that she was on her way home.

Police arrived at the apartment where Masuko’s friend was staying and were shocked to find her body with the head in a blood soaked room. Her friend, 15, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, admitted that she had murdered her formal classmate in cold blood.

This friend had invited Masuko to visit her apartment in Sasebo, a small fishing town in Southwest Japan, on Saturday. That’s when she decided to hit Masuko on the back of her head repeatedly with a blunt object before strangling her. She then took out a large knife that she used to cut off her head as well as left hand. She even cut open her belly.

Classmate Brought Tools To Decapitatie Friend

Sasebo is the same fishing village where a 12-year-old was murdered by a classmate while in an empty classroom. The girl admitted to slitting the throat of Satomi Mitari after an argument they had about a message that was left about her on the internet.

The Yomiri Newspaper stated that when police asked the girl why she would murder her classmate she is quoted as saying “I wanted to kill someone. I bought the tools myself.”

Apparently this girl had prepared for the occasion as she reported to police that she brought hammers, a saw, and other tools which were found near the victim’s body.

She had previously gotten into trouble at school for lacing two of her classmates lunches with bleach.

The accused was living by herself in an apartment after her mother had died of Cancer last year and
her father had remarried three months ago.

A source from the local school board stated: “The death of her mother and the father remarrying would have a big impact on her at this stage – but I don’t know if this explains what happened.”

Friends of the suspect described her as being “very smart with emotional ups and downs”.

Horror Strikes Small Fishing Village Once Again

Residents of the town were shocked when they found out what had happened especially after the 2004 murder. After that happened, the school board designed a program for students which promoted the sanctity of life.

“I feel so sad and frustrated. We have kept calling attention to the value of life, but the message has not been delivered,” said the principal of the high school attended by the suspect and the victim.

Police are still continuing their investigation and say that so far it seems that there wasn’t a grudge between the two girls who had been friends since middle school and actually went shopping together before the incident.

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