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Elizabeth Johnson

Mother of Missing Child Released From Prison; Baby Never Found

Phoenix, AZ- Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing child Gabriel, was released early from Perryville Prison where she was serving a five year sentence for involvement with the disappearance of her child.

Back in 2009, Johnson’s 8-month-old boy Gabriel went missing and much controversy has surrounded the case ever since. During a custody battle, Johnson fled to Texas with the child before the hearing losing all custodial rights to him.

The boy’s father Logan McQueary last saw his son in December of 2009 before him and Johnson had an argument at their Tempe home. Elizabeth Johnson left, taking the child with her.

An alarming text was sent to McQueary just two days after Christmas. It was from Johnson and it simply said “I killed him. You made me do it”. She said that she had suffocated Gabriel and tossed him in a dumpster. Continue Reading

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Man Accused of Punching Girlfriend’s Rabbit After Arguement

July 10, 2014 • Creepy News • Views: 192

Boynton Beach, Fl – A Florida man was arrested last Friday after throwing his girlfriend across the room in a fit of rage. He is also accused of assaulting her rabbit. punching it in the face. The attacker is James Wertz, 28, who became upset after having an argument with his then girlfriend


Florida Woman ‘Brands’ Children for Identification Purposes

July 3, 2014 • Creepy News • Views: 273

A Florida woman from Port Charlotte has been arrested on charges of child abuse after she ‘branded’ her children with a stick. Her reason for this was so she could be able to identify that they were hers. You know, just in case she forgot. Kayla Oxenham, 23, was taken to Charlotte County jail


Slender Man Linked to Teen Attack and Vegas Shooting

June 12, 2014 • Creepy News • Views: 916

Investigators are looking into a shooting that occurred in North Las Vegas last Sunday by a married couple. Neighbors identified them as Jared and Amanda Miller both in their late 20’s. Jared would frequently walk around dressed as popular internet figure Slender Man. At around 11:30 a.m. last

Teen Beats Parents To Death After iPod Taken Away

June 6, 2014 • Creepy News • Views: 773

Tenth grader Vincent Parker, 16, has pleaded guilty to murdering his parents after they took his iPod away as punishment. Parker brutally murdered his parents Carol, 57, and Wayne, 55, last December after he came home early from his Norfolk County school. He pepper-sprayed his mother before

slender man murder

Slenderman Murder Attempt – Girls Stab Friend 19 Times To Please Slender Man

June 3, 2014 • Creepy News, Top Posts, Urban Legends • Views: 3211

Two 12 year old Wisconsin girls stab their friend almost to death in the woods to please the mythological creature known as Slender Man. Morgan Geiser and Anissa Weier lured a “Friend” into a Waukesha park on Saturday morning where they proceeded to stab her 19 times prosecutors say. They