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Woman Poisons Roommates; Has Sex With Dogs

Albuquerque, NM- A woman from New Mexico has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her roommates after one of them discovered she was having sex with their dogs.

Sheri Walters, 53, was caught in the outdoor shed one evening with her roommate’s German Shepherd, Spike. Her roommate alleges that Sheri was copulating with the dog. When confronted in the house she shared with Beverly Bradley, Walters admitted that she had sex with her dog and this wasn’t the first occasion.

Apparently, Walters said that she had been having sexual relations with dogs since she was fourteen.

Walter’s boyfriend and roommate Jeffrey Bradley was told about his girlfriend’s activities and immediately broke up with her, police said. Sheri had also been having sex with his dog Jake, another German Shepherd.

Later that night, the three were having dinner when Walter’s roommate and ex-boyfriend started to complain that their food tasted strange. However, she nagged her friends to finish the meal.

Sheri then attacked Beverly and admited to lacing their food with toilet bowl cleaner and rubbing alcohol, the Albuquerque Journal reported. Walters said that she would stop poisoning them if Jeffrey would take her back.

“That’s psycho to me,” Beverly told authorities. “I just don’t understand it.”

Poison Roommates To Hide Sex Act

Both reported minor symptoms and the police were notified. They were then taken to the hospital and treated for ingesting the chemicals. Walters was taken to the University of Mexico hospital and was given a psyche evaluation.

Walters was later booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center with charges of aggravated battery, animal cruelty and assault, and intent to commit a violent felony. Her bail has been set at 20,000.

The abused animals were inspected by a veterinarian and were reported as suffering only minor injuries from the sexual acts.

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