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Hermit Twins Found In Easy Chairs Three Years After Death

The recent discovery of the corpses of twin brothers have been found in their Chattanooga home by police on March 29th. Apparently, they were both found sitting next to each other in recliners where their bodies have been decomposing for three years.

The two men were identified as 63 year old Andrew and Anthony Johnson who died mysteriously three years ago. Due to their reclusive nature, neighbors didn’t think to check up on them and only saw the brothers occasionally tending to their yard wearing surgical masks.

‘I didn’t even know their names,’ said retiree Linda Maffett, who lived across the street. Continue Reading

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Man Allegedly Murders Son Over Cable Bill; Attempts Suicide

April 7, 2014 • Creepy News • Views: 239

An 84 year old Minnesota man, Pang Se Vang, allegedly shot and killed his son because he refused to pay the cable bill. The father then tried to take his own life by stabbing himself multiple times in the chest. According to police, Pang became upset when his request to have cable turned on in


Flesh Eating Drug Krokodil Makes its Way to U.S.

October 4, 2013 • Creepy News • Views: 411

A highly addictive drug causing gangrene and even rotting flesh has found its way to the shores of the U.S. Krokodil, aptly named for the scaly skin appearing around injection sites, is now being used in America. The first cases were reported by doctors at the Banner Poison Control Center where two


Killer Clowns

October 3, 2013 • Creepy News, Horror Editorials • Views: 520

Throughout September 2013 the town of Northampton in England was invaded by a mystery clown modelled on Pennywise the creepy character from Stephen King’s bestselling novel It. Captured in a range of disturbing grainy photographs, frightened residents reported the clandestine clown lurking stony


Swedish Men Warned of Testicle Eating Fish

August 13, 2013 • Creepy News • Views: 292

Swedish men have been warned to keep their swim trunks on whilst taking a dip after a fish known as the pacu, a relative of the piranha, has been seen as of late in the waters of the Oresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden. The alert came last week when a fisherman in the area …

Zombie Hand Cover

Naked Man Jumps From Window and Bites Innocent Woman

September 14, 2012 • Creepy News • Views: 339

Richard Cimino Jr., of Doylestown, PA, was arrested for stripping naked in the street, breaking into a house, jumping through a second story window, attacking a woman in the street, and then biting her on the head in what is being described as “another naked cannibalistic zombie-style