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Horror Book Reviews


“Depths” by CS Burkhart – A Review


Note: We received a review copy of this novel

Depths is the debut novel of C.S Burkhart, an avid horror genre fan and frequent short story writer.

Depths is the story of a young man who loses his ability to distinguish his nightmares from reality as falls deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that is his mind. The story was inspired by the author’s own experience dealing with serious insomnia. Please note that the novel contains a number of explicit scenes, and therefore is not suitable for younger fans (below 18) of the horror genre.

We found Depths to be an enjoyable read – while the novel gets off to a bit of a slow start, the narrative really comes together well at the end, and we applaud the ambition and verve that is displayed by the young, up-and-coming author.

The novel plays with traditional story structure and form – it doesn’t rely on the cliches and tired tropes that are prevalent in much of indie horror fiction. While there are individual portions of the novel that feel overly drawn out, as a whole, we found the novel as a whole to be a unique and pretty satisfying take on a genre of fiction that is often tired and repetitive.

Depths is somewhat reminiscent of films like Memento or Blade Runner – it is a story that dares the reader to ask his/her own questions, and doesn’t spoon-feed the audience a straightforward narrative. Despite a couple of hiccups in the first half of the book, the novel is mostly successful in its unorthodox attempt at  storytelling.

We recommend Depths for fans of the indie horror genre who are tired of reading the same old zombie stories and are looking for a fresh, unique take on the genre. C.S Burkhart’s writing is nothing if not distinct, and Depths is an ambitious piece of writing that deserves an audience.

PlayWithDeath gives Burkhart’s debut full-length novel, Depths, a solid B+, and we recommend the novel for horror genre fans who are tired of reading the same old cliche-ridden indie stuff that is out there. C.S. Burkhart is an inventive young horror writer with a unique voice, and we look forward to reading more works by him in the future

You can purchase Depths on Amazon for $2.99


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