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Pick ‘N’ Mix Movies for Halloween

Stuck for ideas on what to watch for Halloween? Want a moviethon that will appeal to everyone but no idea where to start? Do you go iconic with “Halloween”, surreal with “Eraserhead”, or a bit of tongue in cheek with “American Werewolf in London”? Try a pick ‘n mix from these sub-genres of horror to get things rolling: Continue Reading

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Top Ten Halloween-Themed Horror Movies

October 27, 2013 • Horror Editorials • Views: 305

It’s that time of year again. A time when monsters, ghosts, and tales of the undead grace our t.v. screens filling our hearts with horrors of the unknown and bloody fun. Some of my favorite films, especially this time of year, have been horror movies that take place on or around Halloween. In my

halloween coctail recipes

Halloween Shooters, Cocktails and Punch Recipes

October 26, 2013 • Horror Editorials • Views: 234

Wine? Boring! Beer? Boo! Get creative this Halloween with these Punch, Shooters and Cocktail recipes. A perfect fit for PWD’s Halloween drinking games… 1 shot = 25ml in these recipes Gunshot You will need: 1 shot peach schnapps 1 shot Irish cream liqueur 1 tsp grenadine syrup Edible

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Halloween Horror Games

October 26, 2013 • Horror Editorials • Views: 182

Why should trick or treaters have all the fun? Atomic Apple Bobbing There are two ways to play this game depending on how much you want to share face space with the people you’re hanging with! Option 1: Grab a tub and fill with water. Get a selection of miniatures (or get your guests to …

the "halloween" movie franchise

The “Halloween” Franchise- a retrospective

October 21, 2013 • Horror Editorials • Views: 194

Every year around the same time, mid-September thru October, I begin to really get into the autumn way of things. I go to pumpkin patches, haunted houses and most importantly, the horror genre dominates the airwaves. ABC Family has “13 days of Halloween,” AMC has a month long horror film


Killer Clowns

October 3, 2013 • Creepy News, Horror Editorials • Views: 510

Throughout September 2013 the town of Northampton in England was invaded by a mystery clown modelled on Pennywise the creepy character from Stephen King’s bestselling novel It. Captured in a range of disturbing grainy photographs, frightened residents reported the clandestine clown lurking stony