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the children horror film review

The Children (2008) – A Review

Total Score 80%

Director: Tom Shankland

As far as “creep” factor is concerned, any movie where the children play the nemesis is always a go in my book. And that’s exactly what this British horror film offers, along with enough gore and decent acting to make it a well rounded horror flick. The premise being that a two couples and their respective five children go to a large house that’s virtually in the middle of nowhere to spend New Years Eve. The children, one by one, start to get sick. As they do, they get increasingly evil and destructive. As the parents are  being picked off, the “heroine” Elaine must decide to kill or be killed.

The acting in this film was really not bad. This is especially true of the child actors. They are both intense and convincing. It’s a hard thing to do to make the viewers intensely dislike children, but the children in this film did an excellent job. The way the children gradually change from typical kids to psycho killers was very well done.

The director also does a good job of making you think you are seeing more of whats going on then you actually are. He leaves a lot to the imagination, like what is really going on with the children. You never really do get to find out exactly why things went wrong with them, you just have to draw your own conclusions.

The Children –  A Gory Horror Film To The End

What made this movie so good in my book was its ability to draw you in and keep you there on the edge till the end. I also really liked that it didn’t spell everything out for you. It lets you work out a lot of the implied details for yourself.  There were some factors that were annoying at times, and that mostly falls on the stupidity of the parents. It takes them awhile to actually start to piece things together and become productive. However, I guess the same could be said about a lot of horror films. The characters are not always the most intelligent.

Another thing I really liked was this film’s ability to not rely solely on blood and gore to get the job done. It relies heavily on the mood and feel of things going on, and it was pretty successful at that. The isolated location of the film of course helped add to the atmosphere.

The thing that made this film especially freaky for me was the fact that I am a parent. Whether or not non-parents would enjoy it on the same level or not, I can’t be sure. As I watched the parents and the way they reacted to what was going on, it was hard not to put myself in their place. I am not sure I would be so dense about things for so long, but I can’t help but wonder how terrifying it would be to see these transformations take place  in my kids. To watch kids become killers would be horrifying. To watch them coming after you? I can’t imagine.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. Has similar things been done in other movies? Of course. But that is true of almost any horror movie this day. I would give this movie 4 out of 5 with confidence. Give it a try.

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Published on: May 8, 2014

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews

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