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Dante’s Inferno 2010 (PS3, XBOX 360) – A Review

Many games in this genre go for shock value, and this game is no exception. Based on Inferno, from Dante’s Divine Comedy, this game takes you on a journey through hell like you have never before experienced before.

It follows Dante, a crusader that is designed much like a Templar knight, on a journey through hell to save the soul of his beloved, Beatrice.

Even though Dante has devout faith, the Bishop convinced him and his fellow crusaders that all their sins committed during the war would be absolved. So despite his promise to Beatrice to be faithful while away, he was not. He also committed many other atrocities, for which he thought he would be forgiven. During an attack led to steal a holy relic, Dante is stabbed in the back. Death appears before him, and damns Dante to hell for his many sins.

A Gruesome and Visually Stunning Horror Game For PS3 and XBOX

Wanting to redeem himself, Dante kills death and steals his scythe. He then returns home only to discover that Beatrice and her father were brutally murdered. Her spirit appears to him, but only for a moment before Lucifer comes and drags her to Hell. Beatrice had wagered her soul that Dante would be faithful, and she lost. Dante heads to the chapel and blesses the cross she gave him and descends to the Gates of Hell. Now he must fight his way through Nine Circles of Hell to save her soul, and hopefully his own.

Visually this game is both terrifyingly gruesome and stunning all at the same time. It really earns its mature rating. There is tons of blood and gore as well as both male and female nudity. This game is most definitely not for children. As you play you really look forward to seeing the different imagery from each level of Hell. Some are more disturbing than others. For instance, there is a part where you must fight babies that represent the children who were not baptized. That was certainly a creepy experience.

Game play, however, can leave something to be desired. Your two main attacks are with the scythe and your holy cross. It offers some complex combo moves, but they are not necessary to use. I found that a single button attack was sufficient in most battles. So after awhile combat sometimes felt a bit repetitive. There were some battles that required the combos but not many.
There are levels of difficulty you can choose to play at, providing more of a challenge if you need it. Upon completing the game you get a chance to replay in Resurrection Mode. This was nice because you get to take all your earned abilities and powers from the end of the first time around and use them right from the start.

Dante’s Inferno – Game Play Repetitive but Resurrection Mode Compensates

Overall, despite the slightly repetitive combat game play, I really enjoyed this game. It’s not often a game is created from classic literature, so it was really interesting to see that done. The blood and gore factor are high, as is the creep factor. In the past this game has been compared to God of War, calling it a knock off. But as a fan of Dante’s Inferno I disagree. I think it is a different take on a similar concept. Give it a shot.

3.5 out of 5 blood drops

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Published on: October 8, 2013

Filled Under: Horror Game Reviews

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