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dead rising xbox one game review

Dead Rising 3, An Xbox One Exclusive – A Review

Total Score 60%

Dead Rising 3 was a game I was personally looking forward to since its original release announcement. As a fan of zombie games, open world environments, and with the expectations of the new capabilities of the Xbox One, I was sure this game would not disappoint.

This game follows the story of Nick Ramos as he tries to escape the city of Los Perdidos before it is bombed into oblivion. Like the predecessors in the series, there are very few living people left in the city. As Nick moves though the game, he encounters a few of the people remaining and together they try to make their escape.

Does Dead Rising 3 Live Up To The Hype?

The gameplay in this installment pretty much falls in line with the others, save a few differences. For one, all the weapons can be modified. This allows the players to create some pretty crazy ways to fight the undead. This can even be done without a workbench, which is great for modifying weapons whenever, and wherever the player chooses. Vehicles can also be combined which was a really fun part of the game. Blueprints are the collectible which was really cool. You can also wear a hilarious variety of clothes and accessories which adds a laugh to the gameplay. The interaction between characters also adds to the entertainment value.

The game can be played in several different modes of difficulty, much like previous installments. I played in casual mode due to not getting as much time to play at a clip as I would like. It offered a decent enough challenge. I did try nightmare mode for a bit, just to see what it was like. If you want an extreme challenge, that is the mode to play in order to get it. However, beware that unlike other modes, you cannot save wherever you want in Nightmare mode. Next, the information given about this game before its release promised A LOT more zombies. I was not disappointed. The hordes of zombies were almost overwhelming at times, even though they were easy enough to kill. However, what set this game apart from the others was the AI qualities the zombies possessed thanks to the Xbox One.

X Box Kinect Adds To The Dead Rising Experience

The new Kinect makes this game more interactive then previous installments. For example, if the player makes too much noise, they can unwittingly attract hordes of zombies to their location. On the other side of the coin, though, the player can also make noise on purpose to create distractions. This was helpful in certain situations. It was also tougher in others. You could also use the voice to yell things at someone you are battling. This can offer enough of a distraction for you to make an attack.

There were definitely things that made this game unique compared to the others in the series, and fun to play. The question remains, though, were they enough to make the game “great.” In my opinion, I was overall a bit disappointed with this game. There are several reasons why. One was that I felt like even though it was “open-world,” the world felt really small. It was often really difficult to navigate. I found the map difficult to read and there were a lot of blocked roadways. The second thing I was a bit disappointed with was the graphics. They certainly didn’t look next generation to me. As one of the first releases for the Xbox One, I was expecting a bit more of a “wow” factor. Thirdly, as entertaining as it was at first to slaughter hordes of zombies with various things, it got a bit repetitive after awhile. I will say, though, that if you played cooperatively with a friend it was definitely more fun. Alone, though, you just felt like there wasn’t a point. Co-op play was definitely one of its best features.

Overall I would give this game a 3 out of 5. It is a great game to play if you want to kill some times slaying zombies in really cool ways. Unfortunately, I feel like it doesn’t offer much in the way of replay value.

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Published on: April 24, 2014

Filled Under: Horror Game Reviews

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