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Decadence Dolls- Handcarved Horror Dolls

I was stalking through…I mean, scanning through Facebook as I often do, when I came across a photo of what appeared to be a hand-carved wooden doll bearing a striking resemblance to an infant Captain Spaulding. “Decadence Dolls” was the profile page heading and the photograph indeed carried the title “Captain Spaulding.” After a “like” to the page and a “click” to the photo I had enlarged the pic and was blown away by the detail. Not only did this doll look life-like, but it looked creepy as hell. It was dirty, it was menacing, and it was covered in blood. Not your typical doll, to say the least.

Beautifully Detailed Life-like Dolls

I browsed the page and was greeted with several more photos, each one just as intriguing as the last. Infant monsters and murderers such as “The Bride of Frankenstein” and “The Wolfman,” and a sinister circus scene , all hand carved from wood and painted to look alive. I had to know more and thought tyou guys would too, so I sent her a message and asked for some information.

The artist is 27 year old Naomi Almargo from Murcia, Spain. She told me that since childhood she has always felt attracted to the whole “fantasy world,” but mostly horror, and both genres can be seen clearly in her creations. She started working in a self-taught way in 2010 with the “Decadence Dolls” project and it has now become the name she works under. “My miniature settings and my dolls are hand made with common materials and things that you can find at home, or at least at mine. Drawers and boxes full of little things, shelves full of horror movies and dolls… I just need to observe and inspiration comes to me by itself. “

Check out her shop at Decadence Dolls on Facebook.

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Published on: March 17, 2012

Filled Under: Horror News & Features

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