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deer crossing

“Deer Crossing”- The Trailer

“Deer Crossing” is the latest work from Potent Media, and this one looks like a winner.
Maggy Chancelor (Laura Lynn Cottrel) sets out on a road trip with her six-year-old son Cole to visit family in the Pocono Mountains. After an unexpected road detour, Maggy is forced on an unfamiliar route. Narrowly avoiding a deer on the road, Maggy and her son crash into the woods, out of the view of traffic from the road. Later that night, Maggy and her son are rescued by a man with less than admirable intentions. They are not seen for eight years.

Cole, now fourteen and the sole survivor, is brought home by retired detective Derrick Stanswood. (Christopher Mann). It is now up to Cole to tell the gruesome story of what has happened during the last eight years.

Horror Genre Favorites Star In Indie Film

The film stars Christopher Mann as Derrick Stanswood and Laura Cottrel as Maggie Chancelor. Doug Bradley (better known as “Pinhead” to all you “Hellraiser” fans) and Ernie Hudson of ”

Watch the trailer and see what you think.

They just recently had a screening, which apparently had a great reception from the audience, and if you want updates on what’s next just join their Facebook page.

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Published on: March 7, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews, Horror News & Features

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