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“Don’t Go On The Trail” this Halloween

Set to be released this Halloween, Jody Dean’s Don’t Go On The Trail is an indie film that will surely entertain as well as scare all who dare watch!  Don’t Go On The Trail is the story of Hellady Marie James who was raped and gruesomely murdered.

 Don’t Go on the Trail – Indie Horror For Halloween

After dying she comes back to life to seek revenge on all that dare walk along the trail in which she is haunting.  This film stars Allie Madison, Morgan Middlebrook, and Jody Dean. The trail will never be the same!

To learn more make sure to check out these websites!

Official Website for Don’t Go On The Trail

Official Website for Sickafyed Films

YouTube for Sickafyed Films

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Published on: June 28, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews

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One Response to “Don’t Go On The Trail” this Halloween

  1. JODY DEAN says:

    You can now pre-order DON’T GO ON THE TRAIL for just $10.00 plus tax/shipping and handling. Comes with bonus movie EDWARD’S JULIA, that’s 2 movies on 1 disk, 2 great indie films made in the USA. Order today and receive your copy on Oct 31st. Paypal, Checks and Money Orders excepted. NOTE: Checks and Money Orders must be made payable to SICKAFYED FILMS LLC. Message Jody Dean for
    mailing info.!store