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Grave Encounters 2- Film Review

Total Score 60%

Director: John Poliquin
Writers: The Vicious Brothers

The directors of “Grave Encounters” return with their highly anticipated sequel, Grave Encounters 2. There certainly was a buzz about the first film in the series which was actually the Vicious Brothers directorial debut and was written by them. They also wrote the second but stepped down from the director’s chair for John Poliquin whose career started in music videos and commercials.

The premise of Grave Encounters 2 surrounds a film student named Alex Wright and his crew as they work on their thesis, a torture porn horror movie. Alex however, receives a message from an online user named DeathAwaits666 and begins to receive information leading him to believe that maybe the “Grave Encounters” movie may not have been fiction.

Second In “Grave Encounters” Series Full Of Haunts

Weeks go by and Alex has become obsessed after he realizes that all the actors in the first film were never heard from again. He flies to L.A. to interview the producer of the film and with a hidden camera, gets him to admit that everything that happened to the crew was real. Alex returns to show his friends the proof that they needed and they set off to Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital to shoot their new thesis.

They are met with resistance by a glorified security guard and sneak into the hospital after hours. Armed with the latest technology the students are hell bent on finding out the truth, much to their dismay. After stirring up the spirits via Ouija board (never a good idea) they see just how powerful the entities are that linger behind in anger. The guard busts in to kick them out but after hearing a noise, goes upstairs to investigate. Bad idea.

The now frantic crew goes to search for the guard and retrieve the expensive equipment belonging to their school. Deciding they could get out quicker if they split up into smaller groups, they begin their horrendous journey through the hospital soon realizing they should’ve just bolted out the front door. After viewing footage of their friend Jared being violently pushed out of a window by a malicious presence, they run to find a way out. However, like the first film, they are met with concrete walls where exits used to be as Collingwood Hospital turns into a labyrinth from hell. They are met with the wrathful, demented, and tortured souls of the past who want them to stay…forever.


Grave Encounters 2- Scary But Fragmented

Grave Encounters 2 playwithdeathI was surprised at how much I liked “Grave Encounters 2”. The first quarter of the film seemed like another film about the lives of the students. It began light-hearted and entertaining as you got to know the crew and their versatile personalities.

I felt that I was watching two different films and by the time the scares started, I was ready. The film really delivered when the entities of Collinwood made their appearance and seemed more aggressive than the first as a destructive force raged through the halls. The main creature from “Grave Encounters” is back and more badass than ever! I was pretty freaked out when footage of the thing was filmed while the students were being chased showing just how terrifying and gigantic he is up close.

A lot of fun scares like the first but tapers off a little towards the end becoming a bit fantastical as “Grave Encounters 2” tries to fit in too many plot lines making the film seem a bit fragmented at times. There’s also a return of one of the characters from the first giving the audience a bit of closure and answers concerning the mysterious hospital and it’s unholy residents.

For having a few truly terrifying moments but remaining too convoluted, I give “Grave Encounters 2”
3 out of five blood drops.

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Published on: October 2, 2013

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews

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