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halloween party games for adults drinking games halloween

Halloween Horror Drinking Games

Why should trick or treaters have all the fun?

Atomic Apple Bobbing

There are two ways to play this game depending on how much you want to share face space with the people you’re hanging with!
Option 1: Grab a tub and fill with water. Get a selection of miniatures (or get your guests to provide them as an entry toll) and drop them in the water. Take it in turns to bob and drink.
Option 2: Grab a tub fill with alcoholic punch drop in apples that have numbers on them. The person has to drink as many shots as their boozy apple tells them to!

Poison Pumpkin Hunt

This is one for outside. Grab your mates and head outdoors where you will have already hidden little pumpkins. Set a time and race to find them – whoevers empty handed at the end of the game takes a forfeit shot or three…

These Halloween Drinking Games Will Turn Any Party Into A Night To Remember

Terror Truth or Shot

Sit in a circle and play truth or dare Halloween style ‘Truth – Have you ever fantasised about murder?’ Whenever someone picks a dare they take a shot. Be prepared for some shocking revelations once the drinks are flowing…

Murderous Mallet
Sit in a circle and take turns making word associations e.g. fangs, bat, vampire, Dracula…if someone has no answer or takes too long the games master bumps them with a cushion (murderous mallet) and they take a forfeit shot – there’ll be plenty of bumping when the shots kick in!

Vampire, Demon, Ghost

A shortcut to drunkenness…a nominated games master chooses three spooky characters (e.g. vampire, demon and ghost) and chooses movements and noises to match, vampire hissing with arms folded, demon roar with a hunch or ghost moans with a wiggle. The character the most people choose all have to take a shot – repeat for as long as you can stand!

Hot Horror Movie Mess

Pick a horror movie and pick a character. When a girl dies the girls take a shot, when a guy dies the guys take a shot, when your character dies knock your drink back, when someone screams or shouts HELP you all take a shot!

Want To Liven Up Your Halloween Event? These Party Games Should Do The Trick!

Rabid Rizla Game (better for small groups)

Grab a rizla (a cigarette rolling paper) or a bit of writing paper and write the name of a famous creepy character on it, pick a person and without them seeing the name stick it to their forehead. The person with the rizla on their head has to ask everyone yes or no questions until they guess who they are. For every question asked without guessing they take a shot…take it in turns to have a name.

Monster Mash

Sit in a circle and count round the circle. For every number you can divide by 3 say ‘monster’ for every number you can divide by 5 say ‘mash’. Example: 11…monster…13…14…mash’. Shots are the forfeit for getting it wrong! wishes you to have a safe and happy holiday. Only drink if you are of legal drinking age and always drink in moderation. 😉

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Published on: October 26, 2013

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