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halloween horror nights orlando florida universal studios

Halloween Horror Nights 24: Frightfest

Every year starting September 19, terror strikes the streets of Orlando, Florida as Universal Studios unleashes its next batch of spine-chilling scares to the public. This year the theme park boasts eight horrifying attractions, each one more terrifying than the next.

The three new and most anticipated attractions this year are the Halloween Haunted House, Alien vs. Predator, and The Walking Dead: The End of the Line walkthrough.

In the Halloween walkthrough, you get to experience John Carpenter’s classic film come to life as you follow in the infamous footsteps of Michael Myers. Stalk though the history of the character as you discover mysteries of his past while escaping the death-defying man himself and the wrath of his blade.

The horrifying house of Alien Vs. Predator has you right in the middle of a brutal battle between two very hostile extraterrestrial species. Avoid becoming collateral damage while exploring a spaceship of terrors and creatures so lifelike only a theme park like Universal can produce.


Experience The Walking Dead Haunted House And Run From Zombies!

The main attraction of this tour of the park, and most widely anticipated is The Walking Dead: The End of the Line. This haunt takes you straight through the gates of the prison where our beloved characters spent a large amount of time. Narrow passageways lead you to zombies leaping from corners and a heavy feeling of death and decay follow you along with walkers waiting to greet (or eat) you.

The other haunted houses range from a wide variety of thrills and terrors.

  • From Dusk till Dawn pits you against a horde of bloodsuckers
  • Watch the transformation of Dracula as he becomes Vlad the Impaler in Dracula: The Untold Story.
  • Dollhouse of the Damned may have those of you creeped out by dolls feeling quite unnerved
  • Those of you with coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, may want to steer clear of the deadly abandoned factory where nightmarish clowns are assembled in the Clowns 3d attraction
  • And get a history lesson you’ll never forget as you take a trip back in time and explore the lost colony of the Roanoke settlement in Roanoke: Cannibal Colony

The fun and scares don’t stop there as street performances and shows will keep you screaming down the street. Beware of the dangerous dregs of society who want nothing more than to kill in Anarchy: The Purge. Venture in the Louisiana Bayou and avoid becoming a voodoo practitioner’s next sacrifice in the Bayou of Blood. In Face Off: In the Flesh you will experience the wonders of terrifying creatures brought to life by amazing and talented top special FX artists in the industry. And a masquerade ball turns out to be the dance of death as the stitches of the masks are ripped away revealing true terror in Masquerade: Unstitched.

Enjoy The Rocky Horror Picture Show And The Antics Of Bill And Ted

If haunted houses aren’t your cup of blood, I mean tea, then enjoy some of the live shows the park has to offer. Enjoy the cult classic come to stage in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute. Watch your favorite characters sing and dance to the hits as you find yourself doing the Time Warp again! Party on as you have a most triumphant time with our favorite Wyld Stallyn dudes Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esquire as they skewer the most popular names in politics, show business, and pop culture.

In addition to all of the exciting attractions and shows, there are a number of rides to top of your night of terror. Transformers The Ride: 3D, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Revenge of the Mummy, Men In Black: Alien Attack, Despicable Me, and The Simpsons Ride.

General admission runs from $50-80 dollars a ticket or if you want to skip past the tremendously long lines and get to experience more than like three haunted attractions, the option to purchase a Rush of Fear ticket with an express pass and pay about $200. In my opinion, it’s worth the extra dough if you want the full experience!

Select nights of Halloween Horror Nights 24 start from September 19th through November 1st. Next time you’re in the area this time of year, I would suggest planning a night of thrills and memorable scares with friends at one of the most popular haunt attractions in the nation.

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Published on: October 6, 2014

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