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pot zombies 2 playwithdeath

In Production Now: “Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot”

Smoking pot and getting the munchies always go hand in hand. But what if instead of craving potato chips and candy bars, you start to crave brains and human flesh?

Welcome to Justin Powers’ film “Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot.”

Fake Blood, Gasoline, Guts, and Weed

This film is the sequel to the low-in-budget yet highly successful film “Pot Zombies” (available on Comcast on demand). Justin created his first film with a budget of just over $900. The only money spent was for cheap halloween make up, stuff to make fake blood, gasoline, guts and meat products, food, and weed. When we asked him about the first film he said that he never thought so many people would have an interest in seeing the film, and really only expected his friends and family to watch it. When he finally completed the film and got it out to an audience, which according to Justin took over two years thanks to having to re-shoot several scenes, the response was definitely better than expected.

How “Pot Zombies” made it to its wide audience was a great surprise to Justin as well. One of his favorite directors, Lloyd Kaufman, was at the “Troma” booth during the 1st “Texas Frightmare” weekend where Justin was attending for the premier of “Pot Zombies,” and he put a DVD copy into Lloyd’s hand. A few days later Lloyd emailed him, letting Justin know that he had watched the film on the plane ride home and was interested in distributing the film through Troma. The rest is history.

Since then Justin has been focusing on his camera work, which he tells us he really enjoys, and has been a director of photography on films, commercials and music videos over the last few years. Recently he has wrapped principal photography on a feature comedy film called “Rockin’ Reverend” and is back to work on pre-production with “Pot Zombies 2 after editing a film he directed, “Hostility Hotel” with Duane Peters.

Over-the-Top Gore and Sleaze but No Plot

When asked about the script, Justin told us “The PZ2 script was written like 6 years ago and was just recently had a rewrite. I had a screenwriter friend write the movie….i just told him to make it fast paced and 100 times more over the top gore and sleaze than the last movie…and write the film with structure…still not plot….but a structured script. Like an insane “Pot Zombies” movie structured like Richard Rinklater’s “Slacker.”

He went on to tell us, “with PZ2: More Pot, Less Plot” we are making the film I wish the first PZ was but didn’t have the filmmaking knowledge and experience needed. We have such an incredible crew for this movie….it is going to look incredible and polished but be more insane than any movie you will see this year.”

Justin and his film partner Abel Berry have been running their music video company out of Crooked Path Studios in Dallas. Award winning director of photography Richard A. Crook will be handling the shooting (using a Sony F3 for all you techies). Richard will also be taking over the color grading as well. Abel Berry (Devotion) will be doing digital effects and titles, and they have a team of audio engineers at the studio for the post sound.

Makeup FX Genre Veteran Brought on For Project

For this project they wanted best make up gore effects in the world so they decided to bring in Marcus Koch (“100 Tears“, “Sweatshop”) of Oddtopsy FX. With him at the helm of make-up effects you know this gore is going to be incredible.

Justin and his crew have an indiegogo campaign to raise some funds for the new film with some really cool incentives for anyone who contributes, as well as a yard sale and a zombie girl bikini car wash. You gotta hand it to these guys when it comes to creativity. They’ll also be at “Texas Frightmare” next month so if you’re in the area be sure to stop by.

Check out their YouTube channel for production updates and a vlog for their bikini car wash.

Happy 420 everyone…just be careful what you’re smoking. You never know what that stuff is laced with.

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Published on: April 20, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews, Horror News & Features

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