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Man Blames Murder on Demonic Possession

Curtis Stanton must have misunderstood the phrase demon on the dance floor.

On September 13, 2008, the now 42 year-old Memphis man paid a visit to girlfriend Regina Tidwell, 34, at a dance club. As Stanton explained in a statement to the jury on Wednesday, February 15, Tidwell was not interested in dancing with him.

“That’s when I first started hearing voices in my head, telling me to kill her. I guess it just stuck with me,” he said.

Voices Led Man To Kill

Instead of telling those voices to hush, he found a steak knife, concealed it in his pants, and followed Tidwell home. Sometime after 1 a.m., he confronted the victim outside of her apartment, dragged her behind the building, and stabbed her to death.

“I asked her to talk to me and she said she had to go use the restroom,” he explained.  “Then the demon took possession. So I grabbed her with both hands and drug her around behind the apartment. She was asking me why was I doing this and that’s when I just threw her on the ground and straddled her and started stabbing her. I think I stabbed her in the throat first…I stabbed her in the face, chest and stomach.”

After disposing of the murder weapon and Tidwell’s belongings, he called her teenage sons and asked if their mother had made it home. Later that day, he turned himself in to the police.

Family Forever Changed By Grizzly Act

Tidwell’s family does not buy Stanton’s story, yet her sister, Ava Smith says, “I feel sorry for him. I really do…I just feel like he took on an action that causes both families to be in a situation.”

Psychologist Dr. Joseph Angelillo, testified on behalf of the defense that Stanton has anxiety issues, delusions, and a low IQ. He could tell right from wrong, but was not capable of premeditating such a grisly act.

The trial went to jury Thursday, February 16.

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Published on: February 18, 2012

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