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victims man kills daughter grandchildren don spirit

Man Kills Seven; Victims Were His Daughter, Grandchildren

Bell, Fl- A small Florida town was rocked with tragedy last week when a man fatally shot and killed his daughter and then proceeded to take the lives of his six grandchildren before becoming his own victim and turning the gun on himself.

Last Thursday Don Spirit used a gun to shoot his daughter and her six children: Kaleb, 11; Kylie, 9; Johnathan, 8; Destiny, 5; Brandon, 4; and Alanna just 2 months old.

Before the incident began, Spirit made a chilling call to 911 on September 18th calmly letting them know that he had just murdered his daughter and her six kids and was planning on shooting himself when the police arrived.

“Everyone of them are dead,” he tells the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher.

Bodies Of Victims Found Scattered Around Property

Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert Schultz said they had been out to his property numerous times.

“The bodies were found all around his mobile home in the rural town of Bell, Florida with a population of around only 500 people. As promised, Spirit killed himself on the outside steps in front of his home with the same .45 caliber that he used to murder his family. All of the children’s bodies were located in various locations inside the residence, while the bodies of the two adults were found outside the residence in separate locations on the property,” the police statement said.

This wasn’t the first incident involving the death of a family member. Back in 2001, Spirit’s son Kyle was “accidentally” shot and killed during a hunting trip.

Two weeks before the shootings, someone called a child abuse hotline stating that drugs were being used around children that lead to an investigation with the Department of Children and Families. Spirit had previous felonies including battery, child abuse, and was not legally permitted to own a gun.

New Florida Laws Protect Foster Children

Because of the rise in cases like this, Florida lawmakers have made drastic changes with the DCF to protect children being taken from foster care only to return to hostile home environments. After several child deaths a new bill was put into place requiring welfare visits to confirm healthy changes to the home environment. Prior to this bill “verbal proof” from the parents  was sufficient.

Since the tragedy, the community has come together as a family in support of each other to help cope with such a horrific loss.

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Published on: October 2, 2014

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