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monifa sanford and zakieya avery germantown exorcism murders

Monifa Sanford Pleads Guilty to Germantown Exorcism Murders

Monifa Sanford will be Committed to Psychiatric Institution for Involvement in Exorcism Killings

Washington D.C -Monifa Sanford, a woman that was charged with the murder of two children as well as the attempted murder of two more, has pleaded guilty under a plea agreement. The terms of the agreement will allow her to be committed to a maximum security psychiatric institution rather than face time in prison.

The crimes were committed in January of 2014. The two women – Monifa Denise Sanford and Zakieya Latrice Avery – murdered Avery’s 2 year old daughter and her 18 month old son. Her other two children, aged 5 and 8, were also injured and hospitalized after being stabbed by the two culprits.

Both Monifa Sanford and Zakieya Avery claim that they believed they were performing an exorcism on the children. The two women claim that they witnessed a dark cloud ‘hovering’ over the children, and that they also saw demons entering the body of the Norrell, the youngest child. After they brutally stabbed the 18 month old boy, they claim that they saw the ‘demon spirit’ hover over the other children. They also state that they saw the eyes of the children turn completely black.

After the murders, Sanford and Avery washed the bodies of the two murdered children – they explained to police that they believed the bodies needed to be clean when they went to the afterlife and ‘saw God’.

The two woman originally met in a church in Germantown called ‘Exousia Ministries’, where they became friends and formed a group that they named the ‘Demon Assasins’. Apparently, the two women had stopped attending service about two months before the murders. at At the time of the murders, the two women were roommates.

Sanford Believes She Protected Children from Demonic Possession

Monica Sanford’s attorney, David Felsen, stated the following: “Monifa believed Satan was going to kill the children and she needed to kill the children to save their souls”. While in court, Sanford stated that she was “happy the children are in heaven.”, but that she missed them. She also stated that she protected the two children from being possessed by Satan, and also added that ‘now God has them”.

Sanford was allowed to claim insanity in the case because a state psychiatrist came to the conclusion that Sanford was legally insane at the time that these brutal murders occurred.

Zakieya Avery will be Evaluated by new Psychiatrist before Trial

Avery was deemed legally sane by a separate state psychiatrist – her attorney has challenged this declaration, and Avery will be diagnosed by another psychiatrist before going to trial. Avery has a known history of mental illness, and court records show that she  has been committed to a mental health facility in the past. At this time, Avery’s trial date is set for June 24th of this year.


WaPo article on the murders



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Published on: February 9, 2015

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