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Mother Charged with Stabbing Son to Death

Wellington, Ks-A woman from Kansas has been accused of beating and stabbing her 10-year-old to death because he would be “better off in heaven”.

Her name is Lindsey Blansett, 33, and on Sunday night she allegedly brought a rock and a knife into her son’s room. While he was sleeping she hit him on the head with the rock and then repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

Afterwards, she called 911 stating her name and that she had just killed her son giving the dispatcher the gruesome details. She goes on to say several times in that she thought someone was coming to get them.

Police responded just before midnight to find Blansett’s son dead and her still at the house. A nine-year-old girl was found unharmed in another room. The area was taped off at the scene Monday morning while police chief Tracy Heath was awaiting the autopsy report conducted in Wichita.

Tracy said that there were no drugs or illegal activity involved and no other suspects.

A History of Abuse Follows This Tragic Story

Complaints filed against her by attorney Kerwin Spencer state that Blansett “intentionally and with pre-meditation” murdered her son. It goes on to say that she had decided that her son would be “better off in heaven than to face the world’s problems”.

The Department of Children and Families have investigated Blansett in the past due to reports of neglect in 2012 and a recent complaint in 2014 less than a week before she took her son’s life.

Blansett is being held in Sumner County jail on a 500,000 bond and being faced with a first degree murder charge. If convicted, she can face life in prison.

No details about her mental state have surfaces or what would lead her to believe what she did.

She is to appear in court on Thursday for sentencing.

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Published on: December 20, 2014

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