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What Are Orbs - Orbs Phenomenon

What Are Orbs? The Mystery of the Orb Phenomenon

What are Orbs?

Researchers of the unexplained and the paranormal most likely know about something called orbs; balls of light caught on camera and film. Many speculate about the nature of these orbs – are natural or supernatural? For decades, photographers have caught these specks of light with the flashes of their cameras and today the debate still goes on about what they are and why they appear inexplicably so frequently.

Orbs are translucent or solid circles that appear unexpectedly in photos. Most claim that these phenomena are actually just dust mites or pollen that show up on film or even moisture from the air and raindrops. The term ‘orb’ came about in 1994 when paranormal investigators were trying to explain these anomalies and began comparing photos of dust and rain to objects that seemed ghostly and unnatural. Some say the orbs stem from energy that is transferred from a power sources like batteries. Another theory is that the orbs come from the energy of people – and that they’re one method through which spirits are able to manifest in our reality.

The best photos of these mysterious orbs are  typically taken with digital cameras that are set to high resolutions – high quality photos are helpful when trying  to capture the essential details of these orbs, so that paranormal researchers are able to distinguish between regular flecks of dust and what might potentially be spirits. When zoomed in,  can images of these orbs sometimes reveal images and also occasionally resemble faces. Photos that have distinguishable orbs are usually taken around places that are supposedly haunted. It is speculated that the spirit orbs are attracted to the auras put out by mediums and use them to draw energy. They show up on film as spots of light racing through a room.

Experimentation With Orbs Baffle Scientists

Scientists are beginning to recognize the mystery of orbs – there have been attempts to capture images of the orbs by using cameras rigged to electromagnetic field (EMF) readers. EMFs are often used during paranormal investigations to read the changes in the electromagnetic energy in testing environments. Dramatic changes usually indicate the presence of something that is unnatural or paranormal, like a spirit. During these experiments whenever there’s a change in the atmosphere as recorded by the EMF meter, the rigged camera would take a series of photos producing hundreds of images of the orbs. A research group called ParaScience was one of the first to begin these experiments and would share and compare their photos with other researchers in the community.

This left scientists and former skeptics baffled as it became clear that not all of the images of orbs could be explained away as dust. One such scientist is Dr. Klaus Heinemann, who was previously a researcher at Stanford University as well as NASA. When investigating the orbs, he was so convinced about the possibility that something unnatural was happening that he was appeared on an internet radio show called The Unexplained World to discuss the phenomenon.

On the show he said “There is no doubt in my mind that Orbs may well be one of the most significant ‘outside of this reality’ phenomena mankind at large has ever witnessed”.

When using a digital camera for spirit photography it’s always best to take the photos at night with the flash on. The camera should be set to the highest resolution for clarity but is also recommended that you bring a 35mm with you as well. Doing this will allow you to both capture high-res images, as well as produce negatives to prove that the photos weren’t edited or enhanced in any way. Digital cameras are also prone to pick up dust, pollen, and moisture in the frame. However, they are typically the best way to get clear shots of the mysterious orbs.

Tips for Paranormal Photographers

For those of you who are brave enough to have paranormal/spirit photography as a hobby, here are some tips:

  • Make sure the lens is clean
  • Stay away from shiny surfaces that can produce false anomalies
  • Take a lot of pictures – at least 50 – so you can be sure you can capture something.

Also, for those of you with longer hair, it’s a good idea to tie your hair back as hair can sometimes get in the way of getting clear shots, and can also sometimes be mistaken for supernatural phenomena. Avoid taking photos in bad weather conditions like fog, rain, and wind. Avoid lens flare by not pointing the camera in the direction of the sun, and try to shoot from 2 to 10 feet above the ground. Also, if you want to try and get a glimpse of the orbs, you should attempt to take photos in and around locations that are supposedly haunted – you have a higher chance of capturing paranormal/supernatural activity if you venture into areas that people claim are haunted.

There is a lot that has yet to be explored about the phenomenon of the orbs, and many questions still circulate with regards to the authenticity of paranormal research. The search for answers continues.

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Published on: August 7, 2015

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