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pennhurst haunted asylum, halloween, scary attractions, haunted places

Pennhurst Haunted Asylum a Non-Stop Scarefest

Total Score 100%

I’ve visited my share of haunted attractions before, and while I always have a good time I end up feeling like there’s something missing.

Pennhurst has found that missing something. From the enthusiasm of the performers to the props and makeup to simply the efficient way things moved along, this place was just a scare park done right.

Even the approach was creepy. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere, traveling up a dark winding road with almost nothing in sight. Trees stretch across the horizon to darken your view even further. After reaching the parking lot you are guided to a long pathway leading to the main attraction that further sets the mood. The walk was dark and foreboding, lit occasionally with fires in old oil drums to mark the way.

The first attraction, Pennhurst Haunted Asylum, began with a quick but clever intro to the rules  and then you are plunged into the madness that is Pennhurst. The hallways are filled with jump scares galore and plenty of cool props, and each room has its own elaborate routine acted out by great performers done up by some top notch makeup artists. Some scenes were grotesque, some humorous and others outright disturbing Рand between each room lay another madman-in-waiting, just salivating at the chance to grab and scare the hell out of you.

Oh, did I not mention that the actors can grab you? Yeah, it’s pretty intense.

Pennhurst Haunted Asylum Packed With Frights and Fun

The Asylum ended and we were ushered toward the Dungeon of Lost Souls. Yet again we were treated with a well designed concept, each room laid out to fit the theme and characters behaving in some psychotic manner (one man wiped what appeared to be a bloody foot on me. I was told it was a present). And the random people hiding in the shadow did not disappoint either. I jumped more times than I can count.

The third location was The Tunnel of Terror and this attraction had a completely different vibe. There were catacombs and crazy scary walkways that looked completely uninviting. There were also enough clowns to put anyone on edge and a few other suprises I won’t ruin for those brave enough to venture out this Halloween.

The last and final stop was a ghost hunter’s dream come true. Those of you interested in the haunted aspect of Pennhurst will love the Ghost Hunt attraction, regarded as one of the “hotspots” for paranormal activity. The first two floors at this location have numerous rooms available to photograph and videotape, allowing you to check for signs of apparitions yourself. An added bonus was a former employee of Pennhurst sharing her knowledge with anyone interested as you walked through the museum attractions. Her tales of former patients were particularly interesting.

Wait times can get a little long so I’d highly recommend the VIP ticket (allowing you to bypass lines and move directly from one attraction to another).
As far as Halloween attractions go, Pennhurst is by far the best I’ve visited. Five blood drops for sure.

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Published on: October 22, 2014

Filled Under: Horror News & Features

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