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“Pot Zombies”- Netflix Review

Directed by: Justin Powers
Date: February 2006

Troma is one of those movie distributors that you pretty much know what you are going to get: Low budget entertainment that is made for the love of making a movie. They are typically films that folks with little to no cash have to make and create a fun exciting piece. Now, you know there will most likely be blood, guts, and some T&A, but isn’t that the point of some horror films? Sometimes it’s better to not throw a ton of cash at something when less then 10K and some innovation will suffice.

Radioactive Marijuana Breeds Zombies

Now imagine if some radioactive weed hit the streets and everyone heard it blows your mind, except that when you smoke it your skin turns green, your eyes light up, and you get the munchies for human flesh. That is the basic plot for “Pot Zombies.” As soon as I saw the title and that it was a Troma film, I pretty much knew what I was in for. If you are looking for some deep film about society or the trials and tribulations of the down trodden, this is not the movie for you. If you want to watch something fun and entertaining all the way through to the end of the credits, then look no further. This one has the feel of something a bunch of punk rock kids did for fun over a long weekend, even throwing in some live music.

The film is a basic low budget humor horror shocker. There’s every disclaimer about the weed seen in the film not being real, there’s odd animations of joints being all crazy like, and there’s even awesome titles like “Wedgies Pizza” and “Wankerville PD” sprinkled throughout to add a few background chuckles. This whole film could make an amazing college shot game.

There were a few things that were a tad off though. The film had no real characters to follow. I guess you could consider the demonic chronic our R2D2 of the film. The only thing that is consistent is the fact that folks are smoking the reefer and becoming zombified. There was one scene that was odd where a guy gets high followed by a whole trippy sequence resulting in him and his dog becoming flesh eaters. The only thing I would have done was removed the 70’s sequence and gone with zombie dogs.

Green Skinned Flesh-Eating Monsters In Troma  Zombie Movie

This film had many life lessons I could not pass up. First, no fun equals safe. That’s a pretty obvious one since if you don’t do drugs then you wont become a green skinned flesh-eating monster. Second, if your friend’s skin starts turning green after a few hits, hold off a few minutes before accepting the pass- wait to see how his day is going to turn out. Third, if your significant other doesn’t feel good, you probably shouldn’t make out. There is a high probability they will throw up in your mouth.

Look, if you’re looking for Resident Evil special effects and a Clive Barker story line, this is not the film for you. The digital effects bounce all over, the camera is shaky, and the sounds quality leaves a lot to be desired. But the feel and essence of what these kids were doing and how they wanted it to be viewed came through. They knew their limitations and they went full throttle with it. There’s good music and good times in this 55-minute film. If you go into this one with that in mind you will thoroughly enjoy the ride.

3 out of 5 blood drops

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Published on: March 1, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews, Horror News & Features

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One Response to “Pot Zombies”- Netflix Review

  1. blazed419 says:

    dooood i love this movie lol i wish they were coming out with a secuel.