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Review of Dead Space 1, 2, and Aftermath

There are very few games that can make me jump and yell in terror while I am playing.

After all…it’s only a game. But, the Dead Space franchise is truly terrifying. The creatures you fight come out of nowhere and are very hard to kill. Unlike most games, head shots do not help.

The undead monsters chasing you may look dead at first, but then they pop up and scare the crap out of you at the last second, or jump at you from a dark corner, or bust through a wall. This is seriously one of the scariest games I have ever played. The monsters are mutated dead humans that have been twisted into horrid spiked shapes that do not die easily.

Dead Space Franchise Truly Terrifying

After playing the games I then, just recently, watched DEAD SPACE Aftermath which is supposed to take place between DEAD SPACE 1 and DEAD SPACE 2. And explains what happens to the crew aboard the O’Bannon between the games.

This is an animated movie. It jumps back and forth between computer animation and normal animation depending on the time …past or present. This is very handy to keep track of the timeline.

This movie is just as scary as the game. You never know when something horrifying is going to jump out at you from the dark corner just out of your line of sight.

You never know who is going to lose it mentally and start shooting guards, and no one one is quite sure what the “corporation” is really up to…but whatever it is it’s not good. I can tell you that much.

Also, there are lots of very cool references and throw backs to the game. For example, the life bar on everyone’s back and the helmets people wear. As well as, lots of name dropping from the first game and plenty to tie it to the story line, as well as building on the story line for the second game. Unfortunately, I played both games before I watched the movie….but I wish I could have seen the movie between the games, it really made sense of quite a few things…..dropped a few names and hinted as to what is to come in DS2.

Dead Space Aftermath Highly Recommended For Game Fans

But, even if you have played DS2 it WELL worth the 44min to watch “DEAD SPACE Aftermath.” It’s on Netflix’s Watch Now, and I HIGHLY recommended it, it’s gory as fuck and helps introduce characters that will appear in the seconds game. This movie also gives you a little back story to the second game, because if these games lack anything it is a bit of explanation. You are dropped on a dying ship filled with monsters that are damn near impossible to kill armed with nothing but a pistol for quite a while.

This is a TRUE HORROR GAME! It WILL scare you, even if some of the scares are just “boo” scares, you WILL be frightened.

Play it with the lights of, and if you smoke pot…blaze up first!

What about the red stuff you ask? Oh, there is PLENTY. The blood sprays in gallons on your screen. With a very interesting plot pushing the red red groovy substance right into your face. The blood in the movie falls like rain, both on peoples heads and all over their bodies. The movie is as gory as a slaughter house from start to finish. Which, in my book is a very good thing. The more blood the better!

Necromorphs begin to rise from the coffins they were laid to rest in as the ship rapidly becomes out numbered by the undead compared to the living things which start to make things get very tense.

I wont give away the ending but keep in mind this is a movie that fit between the two games. So obviously, the people in the movie don’t completely succeed…or there would be no second game. And the second game is WAY better the first.

The Best Way to Play Dead Space is With the Lights Off…

The scares and terrors are much more often, so be sure you have the lights OFF.

Two very horrifying, and very entertaining games. If you have played the games, then you should watch this movie. It fills in a few gaps and takes you a few places you didn’t know existed between the two games.

So this is a really unique mix of game/movie/game.

But, they all stand very well on their own, even if you never played the games you should be able to watch the movie and still enjoy and understand it.

I have played both games, and now watched the movie and I feel like I am whole, I am complete!

The Dead Space epic horror series is set to continue in early 2013 with Dead Space 3 the Video Game.

The Necromorphs are still out there somewhere…

In the meantime, visit the Official Dead Space 3 website


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Published on: July 2, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Game Reviews

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2 Responses to Review of Dead Space 1, 2, and Aftermath

  1. Eric Dupree says:

    This is a very interesting review. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t read it yet but I will definitely do so now.

  2. Skot Six says:

    did anyone see this movie????