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silent hill book of memories horror games

Silent Hill: Book of Memories (a PS Vita Exclusive) – A Review

Total Score 40%

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is definitely different from the eight other games from the franchise. The protagonist in this story, which the player chooses, receives a mysterious book on their birthday from an unknown sender. The postman, who the player does not recognize, assures them that the book is indeed intended for them. When the player starts to read the book later that night they realize that the book is a compilation of their own memories. On a whim your character decides to change some of the memories in the book before going to sleep. It was this decision that leads to the events that follow.

You wake up and find yourself in some unknown, dungeon like environment. You fight your way through several rooms fighting several enemies. Some of these enemies you will recognize from previous games; some are new. You eventually come across a room which is a general store run by the postman who delivered the book to you. He gives you some basic ins and outs of the game. When you awaken later on you realize that the changes you made to your memories have come to pass. Understanding your new power you continue to make changes to your past. The decisions you make and the way that you choose to play alters your “Karmic Path” in the game, and will ultimately affect your ending.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Is A Tragedy To The Series

Silent Hill games have always been my favorites of all horror games. So when I found out there was an exclusive game in this series for the PS Vita I was stoked. However, after playing the game, I was definitely a bit let down. As far as the general “fear factor” of the game, it was far from reaching the level of previous games. Visually the blood and gore are not terrible, especially for the platform, but they are not nearly on par with other Silent Hill games. I did not feel the same intensity as I have in the past. The storyline was also fairly weak, which led to not having much incentive to keep coming back.

As compared to previous editions in the series, this did not follow the same type of themes/story lines at all. This one, unlike the RPG style of the past, is really more like a dungeon crawl than anything else. Also, all the other games center around the search for a loved one. This one has a much more selfish premise. It is the first in the series to offer co-op play, which I did not utilize because I prefer to play games like this on my own. From the way friends described it, though, it didn’t really help the game out. The thing I disliked the most, though, was that the combat was really repetitive. It’s very much like the same fight over and over again. In the past, each time you encountered an enemy it was at least somewhat startling and exciting. This version is literally moving from one room to the next without ever really “getting anywhere.” Also you collect “karmic powers” of different types to lead you down specific karmic paths. The problem is, however, that you end of collecting the wrong kinds by mistake.

When it comes down to it, I would definitely not recommend this game. The only level on which this game rates well is as a time killer. The basic two button controls, the lack of consistency within the series, and the general receptiveness of the game left me really disappointed in this game overall. It didn’t even utilize the full capabilities of the PS Vita system. All I can do is hope they make up for this with another game in this franchise that’s worthy of its name. As a score I would give it a 2 out of 5.

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Published on: May 20, 2014

Filled Under: Horror Game Reviews

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