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Slender Man Game: The Review and The Horror

Phew, let me just take a minute to catch my breath and regain my senses. OK, that’s better. Let me explain.

I’m sure by now you have all heard of the legend of Slender man, the tall faceless abductor of children and nightmare to many. Slender man was created back in 2007 by Victor Surge for a paranormal creature contest for Since then, Slender man has circulated over the internet having people actually debating on his existence even though he was supposedly a creation of man. Old world legends will tell of a different story however and if you look into it, which you may not want to, you might also find yourself questioning where he came from. Many articles are written about the legend including this one: Slender Man. However, his existence is not the topic of discussion at this time.

Slender Man Becomes Social Media Frenzy

slenderman urban legends

Slender man has made a big comeback in the recent months following word of films coming out like The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel and a film called Sinister starring Ethan Hawke set for release this October. Both movies portray a dark, mysterious figure who likes to go after children and prefer to remain in the dark. Following this are numerous videos on Youtube about him such as documentaries, parodies, even songs. A series from Marble Hornets, a channel on Youtube, that follows a boy being stalked by Slender man and is set up in entries. I wouldn’t recommend watching these at night.

Now, back to what I was whining about before. The reason for my dramatic entrance was from the Slender man game created by Mark S. Hadley, of Parsec Productions who released the game in August. It’s a first person experimental horror game that takes place in the woods at night. Your objective is to walk around in the dark with only a dimly lit flashlight and you must collect eight notes that are randomly placed in ten locations, so they switch up on you. If that weren’t bad enough every time you find a note, Slendy gets more persistent in stalking you. Honestly, I really suck at video games or any kind of PC game. So basically it took me a few times to get control of my movements.(Don’t laugh) But after I did it was really simple and horrifying from the minute I started playing.

Game Both Creepy and Heart-Pounding

My heart was pounding throughout the entire game and after you find that first note, which happens to be scribbled with threatening messages and creepy drawings, you hear the awful beatings of a heart making your journey just a bit more intense. As you collect them the mood and the music become more urgent and at this point you want to haul some ass around those woods and grab that paper before he gets you. After a few attempts, which I dreaded more with each play, I could only get a whopping 3 of them. I’m not sure that I can try again because this game is too unnerving! So yeah, I was shrieking like a little girl but the most terrifying aspect of this game, was Slender man’s ability to just teleport at any point in time making it difficult to even look at the screen sometimes.

slenderman now you die

That being said, I loved it! Anything that can scare me that bad and resonate with me in such a way deserves my respect for being genuinely nerve shattering. The game is easy. You just use your mouse to look in any direction including up giving a view of an ominous nighttime sky, and W,A,S,D to move around. If you need to run you press left shift which I highly suggest doing as much as your fingers can stand. Slender man can be downloaded for free at: Slender.

The game is so popular that it spawned the equally as terrifying Shadow of Slender man – Sanitorium The objective is the same as the original Slender game but, this time you search for the notes inside of an abandoned sanitorium with labyrinth style hallways. You have eight notes to find but the tall man always has a way of sneaking up on you just when you’re making progress. On August 22nd Hospice was released taking you to another maddening level with two new maps one being set for released later in August, Elementary(shutter), and Classified in October.

Overall, this is becoming a great series and definitely do what they set out to, scare the hell out of everyone and make even the manliest dude scream in fear! Check out the reaction video below:

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Published on: August 24, 2012

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2 Responses to Slender Man Game: The Review and The Horror

  1. Kitygirl1 says:

    I think the game will be fun because it is scary and entertaining and it looks creepy I love creepy games:)

  2. Chris says:

    I have been waiting for your review to come out on this game. The .exe sits on my desktop waiting. Do I dare? Not sure now, do I wish to be terrified? should I install for a night terror? You know me, I love to be scared, anytime, day or night. Sounds like an intense game, so I know what I will be doing tonight :)