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The Dark History of the Ouija Board

In 1848, 2 young sisters were believed to have contacted the spirit of a peddler with whom they communicated through rapping. Basically, they would ask a question the spirit would answer by knocking on the floor, the wall, wherever. 1 knock for “yes,” 2 knocks for “no.” With this belief they not only started the religious movement of Spiritualism, but initiated the phenomena of what we now call the Ouija Board. The Fox sisters, Kate 12 and Maggie 15, were already living in a supposed haunted house in Hydesville, New York (now Arcadia, NY), when on March 31st the youngest challenged the spirit to imitate the sounds of her snapping fingers. It did. The spirit was then asked to rap out the girls ages. It did again. From there, a rapping code was set forth indicating yes’s, no’s, and alphabetical translations. Leah, the eldest sister, went on to manage the younger girls and all 3 were considered well-known mediums until 1888 when Maggie confessed the initial rappings were faked, even accounting how they accomplished it. One year later, Maggie tried to recant her statements but failed. Within the next 5 years all 3 sisters had died, both Maggie and Kate from abject poverty. On a side note the entity was said to be Charles B. Rosma. There were no records of this name, but in 1904 a human skeleton was exhumed from the cellar walls.

Origins Of The Ouija Board

Even after the Fox sisters were shunned, people still followed the movement of Spiritualism. Spiritualism is a broad, religious based belief where séances and contacting the dead are common. Up until the invention of the standard Ouija there were many variations of talking boards including one of the first noted spiritual writings which occurred in China using Fugi, or planchette writing, somewhere around 1100 BC. There are also notable accounts of planchette writing (stabilizing writing utensils in which the contacted could move and write out their message) in Greece, India, and Europe. In 1890 Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard patented the idea of selling a planchette with an alphabet board. By 1901 William Fuld, who was employed by Kennard and had taken over production of the alphabet and planchette combination, started the production of his own talking board and named it Ouija. He is also credited with adding the yes, no features to the board. There are various brands of talking boards sold today, Ouija being a blanket term for all of them.

As of today Hasbro, a multinational toy and board game company out of Rhode Island, trademarked the Ouija board. It is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. To them, it’s a novelty game, but to others it’s a portal used by evil spirits, demons, and the Devil himself. Skeptics of the board explain the planchette’s movement to ideo-motor response which is a mental image causing the body to create a subconscious automatic or reflexive response. Most religions however, besides Spiritualism, frown upon use of the board comparing it to witchcraft, along with Harry Potter, that asshole. Believing that anything which reveals facts about the future or information in which only God should know it must be a tool of the Devil.

In 2007 Joshua Tucker 16, viciously murdered his best friend and accomplice Donald Schalchlin’s mother and sister. Thirteen year old Elizabeth’s throat was slit while her mother Ellen, who was 41, was stabbed somewhere around 90 times. Something tells me this wasn’t an accident. The motivation of the murders? A Ouija board. Joshua’s mother claims he used the Ouija board for about 45 minutes before killings, she claims he was using the board to talk to Satan and was obviously possessed at the time of the murders. Donald does corroborate the Ouija theory stating he bought the board a day before the murders. It is also noted that Joshua and Don became friends after revealing they both shared an interest in Satanism.

Son Found Speaking In Tongues When Police Arrived

Joshua’s mother only views her son as a victim in this case. She has no sympathy for
Donald, who tried to help Joshua cover up the killings but did not participate. Harrington, Joshua’s mother, also claims her son was speaking in tongues when police arrived to the scene after they received a hang up call from the Schalchlin home. She also states Joshua was talking about God and the future which is a prime example of demonic possession. He also has no remorse for the murders. According to Ms Harrington her son Joshua, also suffers from drug induced psychotic disorder and depressive bipolar, both of which he was supposed to be medicated for.

In the early 1900’s Pearl Curran attended a friend’s party where a Ouija Board was being used, Pearl was a housewife with limited education. At the party Pearl was indifferent to the whole “talking spirit” thing, however after numerous uses of the board the communication with Patience Worth began in July of 1913. Not only did Patience request to speak with Pearl but Patience wrote several poems and stories through her.

I am not particularly fond of Ouija Boards. Yes, I’ve used them. No, nothing happened, except for the one time when I was at a sleepover and my friend’s mom let us use one. Well she actually used it and we just sat there and watched. She made us wait until midnight to bring it out. Unbeknown to us she had my friend’s aunt sitting at the window listening to the questions she asked. She asked “Is anyone here?” The aunt tapped on the window once in reply. She asked a couple more with no response. Last she asked “Are you still here?” and auntie at the window in the most demonic voice she could muster up screamed “OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!” I was like 9 years old, it was horrible and traumatic. I cried.

The Most Dangerous Game Targeted For Children

Now to get back on track, you can buy them anywhere. They even make once specifically targeted towards young girls, in hot pink. If you really wanted to you could make your own. Should we really subject children to a portal that can be potential harmful? I would love to see that lawsuit. In defense of Toys R Us and all other retailers who sell it, if you really wanted to contact the dead I don’t think you need a Ouija board to do so. I mean what’s the big deal, “It’s only a game, isn’t it?”

editor’s note: Ouija Boards freak me out.

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Published on: March 23, 2012

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2 Responses to The Dark History of the Ouija Board

  1. Madeleine says:

    Just what I was looking for, thank you for posting.

  2. madaline says:

    hey i was just wondering how do you people get possessed and why. And also does people get an entity in their house thank you