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The Spirit of Wendigo

Although it sounds like the name of some sort of restaurant chain that sells chicken wings, unbeknownst to most is the ancient indian legend of the Wendigo Spirit.

Originating as a myth of the Algonquian Indians, this demon is believed to lurk between Canada and North America. The creature is said to have lived for many moons, possessing humans with its diseased spirit. If infected by the spirit, one will go utterly mad and feast off of human flesh, proof that the zombie myth dates back farther than “Night of the Living Dead“.

Ancient Wendigo Legend Continues to Haunt Canada and North America

Here lay just a few documented encounters of the spirit:

In 1920, A young doctor was said to have moved to Fort Kent with his wife in a time of war, helping those in need. Little did he know, an ancient spirit lurked within the land and soon found that many people were coming to him with mysterious cases of sick and diseased people.

The illness was believed to have originated from rats, much like the Bubonic Plague. A nearby indian tribe had warned of an angry spirit by the name of Wendigo but most people brushed it aside as silly superstition. Before long, the doctor’s wife became ill and died suddenly. Soon after, the doctor became not only ill, but extremely mad as well. In a frenzy, the doctor murdered 11 people, feasting off of the flesh of their corpses before running off into the woods never to be seen or heard from again.

While some believe it to be because of a psychological disturbance due to the death of his wife, others who are more known to the area claim him to have been possessed by the spirit of the ancient entity: Wendigo.

Wendigo Possession – Feasting on Human Flesh and Infected by Madness

Another report dates to as recent as July 30th of 2008. Tim McLean, a 22 year old Canadian, was sleeping on a bus headed for Manitoba. Suddenly, the man next to him went on a rampage and stabbed McLean repeatedly in the chest before cutting off his head, gnawing on chunks of his flesh in the process.

The witnesses told police that the manner in which he murdered the man was more robotic rather than angry. This led many to believe that the man was possessed by some sort of otherworldly entity, again raising the question as to whether or not the spirit of the Wendigo still roams free in the Americas.

So beware to all ye who live in Canada as well as the Land of the Free. An ancient demonic spirit may be lurking in the corners for it’s next unwilling victim. Or perhaps the spirit is not real, merely a figment of the mind. Perhaps Wendigo is just a metaphor for utter madness. After all, everyone has a little bit of Wendigo in them, hiding deep in the crevices of the unknown.

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Published on: September 6, 2013

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