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Tokyo Schoolgirl Suicide Pact

Tokyo- Two schoolgirls climbed a high-rise building and both committed joint suicide by jumping to their death from eight stories.

They were aged 11 and 12 and attended the same elementary school together. Police arrived on the scene and it was determined that they jumped off of an apartment building in Tokyo’s Ota Ward around 3:30 pm

One of the girls died instantly as she hit the asphalt near the entrance of the apartment building where she lived. Her friend passed shortly after while in the hospital.

After climbing between floors seven and eight of the apartments stairwell, the girls took off their shoes and neatly layed them side-by-side with a suicide note tucked inside. The contents of the note could not be reveled to the public.

“The note is a matter for the parents – it is personal”, said a police spokesman.

Day Turns Deadly As Girls Commit Suicide

The Japan Times reported that the girls went to school and on with their day like normal. The two girls were friends and appeared to get along with everyone.

They were both described by classmates as being bright and even ‘leaders of the pack’.

“They did not show any signs of being worried about anything”, said a school friend.

A shocked community is desperately trying to come up with answers as to why seeming healthy, happy, and popular youths would commit such a heinous act on themselves.

School officials came forward to say that they were unaware of any bullying going on involving the girls.

Japan has become known as seventh in suicide rates by the World Health Organization. Most of these deaths involve people aged 70 or older but there are more cases of school aged children taking their lives at an increasing rate.

Some people attribute this to high levels of pressure and stress put upon them by school and parents. Although why these girls who had everything in front of them would end it all remains a mystery.

Especially, if the note they left with vital clues as to their sudden departure cannot be disclosed.

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Published on: September 11, 2014

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