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unit 30 featured image

“Unit 30” Still Going Strong

So as I am moving into my new apartment next week I am reminded of an amazingly funny short film I saw a little while back at the Media Film Festival. “Unit 30” is a clever, campy film by Taryn Hough that centers around two new roommates, Scully (played by Taryn Hough) and Mulder (played by Sandra McCurdy), and the obsession one of them faces with finding the elusive and mysterious Unit 30. Scully is convinced that something sinister is afoot in the seemingly charming development, and all Mulder wants to do is see her get some boxes unpacked and maybe change her shirt some day soon. Mulder is eventually pulled into the intrigue and the two of them are soon asking questions that perhaps should have been left unasked.

Quirky Characters Make For Stand Out Film

The mystery unravels with some unique and quirky characters, which really makes the film stand out in my mind, and apparently in the mind of film festival committees as well. It has been shown at the Media Film Festival, Media Pa, as well as the Action on Film Festival, Pasadena CA, The Indie Gathering, Cleveland OH, and the GIAA Film Festival, Greenwich Village NY. The film has been recognized for such awards as “The Accolade Competition Award of Merit”, “The Indie Gathering, Best Horror-Comedy for a short film”and “The Indie Gathering, Best overall Short film”.

If “Unit 30” ever comes around to a film fest near you, be sure to check it out.

But if you happen to stumble across “Unit 30” the building, you might want to look the other way. Just my advice. ; )

Check out CHAIN SMOKING MONKEY for the latest from the producers of Unit 30, and click HERE or  HERE on IMBD for the latest Unit 30 news.

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Published on: August 22, 2010

Filled Under: Horror News & Features

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