Urban Legends: Shadow People

“The world we live in exists only in our denial of the real world” -anonymous

In my research I have come across the urban legend/myth of shadow people, a phenomena that seems to plague many people. These creatures, or whatever they are, look like shadows or silhouette’s of humans and are usually seen out of the corner of your eye and sometimes appear on walls in your house. When you try and look at them head on, they will dart past and disappear into a wall or another room.

One of the most misunderstood entities to be seen, they seem to come out mostly at night and usually hide in dark corners of hallways. They are similar to the legend called Slender Man, an unusually tall dark suited figure that stalks humans and is purported to steal children, according to ancient myths.

But unlike Slender man, which claims to be a legend born through forums on the internet, shadow people are more believable only in the sense that so many individuals of all ages that have claimed to come in contact with this anomaly.

Shadow Takes Shape of Humans and Animals

Descriptions of the entities range from a dark dense form taking the shape of a human, to dark hooded figures, whispy or smoky orbs, and even shapes of animals. The main factor is that they are a mass of dark matter that standout as a solid object in the darkness itself. It is said that flashlights cannot penetrate through their shape.

From countless stories that have been told, they hang around humans but do not wish to be seen. That is why they hide behind doors and furniture and why they rush out of sight when spotted. Other times they like to watch as we sleep and have been caught standing over people’s beds or even watching from the ceiling.

It is not certain what exactly the shadow people are. Sometimes, they are explained as spirits that are earth-bound who refuse the light afraid of what waits for them on the other side. Others have described them as inter-dimensional explorers who have found a way into our realm to study us. Some have been seen with red or yellow eyes.

Most are benevolent creatures who, like insects, are more afraid of us than we are of it. But there are also shadow people who carry more hostile personalities and give off a feeling of dread right before being seen, and many people have told of being paralyzed while being conscious and awake. These types of entities have been reported as speaking to their human targets saying things such as “come with me” or “here we are”.

Experience With a Shadow Person

I myself have had a personal experience with these beings. One night I was standing outside my house having a smoke when I spied a dark figure way down the street. He crossed to the other side, walked down a bit, then did a zigzag to the other side. He walked fast back to the side he came from then crossed again, this time down a sidewalk on the adjacent street. After about 30 seconds he walks back up the sidewalk and crosses the street at a diagonal. This time he was almost running down the sidewalk right in my direction. I threw my cigarette on the ground and booked it into the house in a cold sweat. Just writing about this gives me goosebumps and to this day I can’t explain what the figure was. What stuck out the most, and leaves me questioning my sanity, was that the dark figure was just that. A dark outline of a tall man with no distinguishing features and absolutely no detail. Needless to say, I stopped going outside by myself at night.

So many descriptions and tales from all around the world have been reported on this phenomena but with no conclusive evidence. I mean, how could there be. Everyone has a different story about where these beings come from or what they could be. Spirits, inter-dimension entities, alien entities. So many possibilities.

There is even a website dedicated to shadow people where you can read the countless testimonials of people and their experiences. Link to website:

If you have any stories of your own, please feel free to tell them in the comment section below. In the meantime, if you see a shadow person walking in your direction, I would suggest running the opposite way.

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  1. Mabus says:

    mar 27 2015
    For the past 3 weeks I’ve had that feeling that i wasn’t alone.
    i can’t shake that feeling,also over the past few days I’ve noticed what seemed like dark shadows around me but not in the form of people ,in odd shapes that are dark black that i only see at night when outside.
    I’ve seen these shapes before in my life and death always follows …
    this time it will be my own…

  2. Maggie says:

    I used to see one every couple of days in my apartment whenever I left my room, usually a silhuette of a man or of a cat. Of course I always mistaked the cat as my cat since I have a fluffy black cat. It was always odd, I never really knew what they were, I’d always thought I was just seeing things. Glad I finally know what to call them. :)

  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve seen what I believe to be shadow people twice in my life. The first time I was maybe 4 or 5 years old and my mom, brother and myself shared a room at my aunts. There wasn’t a door on the bedroom so my mom would push a dresser to block the doorway on weekends so that my cousins wouldn’t wake her super early. I remember waking up and rolling over and there was a very large white figure shaped like a man moving the dresser and walking towards me, I screamed and woke my mom terrified. Once she woke up he was just gone but the heavy dresser was still moved.
    My second experience was actually multiple experiences with what I believe was the same shadow figure in the same spot every night for months. I was about 17 when it first began. My cousin moved in with us and I shared a room with her. I gave her my bed and slept on an air mattress next to it. I would wake up and could see a very tall and skinny make figure standing in the corner of the room by the door. So tall that his shoulders would hit the ceiling and his head would be hunched forward. I never said anything because I didn’t want to scare my younger cousin. One night in particular once I had woken up and noticed the man was there my cousin asked if I was awake once I said I was she asked if I could see the man watching us too.

  4. Erin Branson says:

    Three times my son and my daughter and I saw a very tall (9 ft) skinny ( 12 in) shadow in the house. It went through the house diagonally from north east and exited south west. My daughter saw it first and came screaming in the bedroom and said I saw a shadow man come in the bedroom and go through the wall outside. She slept with me for two weeks. Then one night I was having sex and I saw the exact same thing coming from the living room and into my daughters room. I jumped up and ran in there and it was gone. She was at a friends house. Then I was talking to her about it and my son walked in the room and said the shadow thing? Yea, I have seen it too. it came through while I was playing video games. I was ashamed to tell yall cause it would scare Mary and I didn’t want you to know I was scared. It came through at about 1:30 AM each time. It was in the shape of a man, only elongated.
    I called a Indian friend of mine and she said to take evergreen boughs and burn them and take the smoke into every room of the house, including the bathroom and laundry room. So I did that, and we never saw it again.

  5. Lucy says:

    I woke up in the middle of the night and I looked at the foot of my bed and I sore a black shape that looked like a human standing at the foot of my bed I closed my eyes 2 seconds after I sore it. I laded completey still for 45 minits then I opend my eyes ones more and It was still their looking right at me I did not know what to do so I closed my eyes and laded completey still for the rest of the night. The day after
    I did not tell my mom what happened last night. I tryed to Drew what I sore but my hand stared to shake and I stared to forget what it looked like.
    Please if you have any idea what it is.
    Oh and sorry for the bad spelling

    • Sarah says:

      The house I live in is swarming with Paranormal Activity. Shadow people. Orbs. Etc we even have a doll In our guest bath that the entitys like to move and manipulate…. There is on shadow person that I feel has begun to attach its self to me following me around.. Moving things.. Tapping on my book shelf last night it stood behind my closed bedroom door and watched me and my fiancee… Make love.. It won’t leave me alone and I get sense that it wants to tell me something

    • Jen McEntire says:

      A few questions.
      Have you ever experienced any kind of paranormal activity in your house?
      Do you mess with ouija boards or the occult?

  6. Luci says:

    i have had lots of experiances with them though was when i was around 3 or 4 years old, i was being naughty so i got locked outside i looked out the door way and saw these two figures laughing and running down the driveway i quickly turned my head and hid in the doorway i turned back to look and there was one of them up in my face so close it said “come play with me” i instanly closed my eyes and screamed and being locked out curled up in a ball

  7. Amy Herrera says:

    I have also seen them. I also seem to be sensitive to spirits. People who are nonbelievers even start having strange things happen to them if they are around me alot. One night I woke up and a short black hooded creature with red eyes was standing in the corner by our closet staring at me. Thinking I was dreaming I rolled over and snuggled to my husband. (If I can’t see it, its not there right) I went back to sleep. The next night we were all out on the front porch and he was cutting our roomates hair. I was like I had the craziest dream last night. Everyone was like what happened so I explained to them what I had seen and what had happened. My husband looked at our Roomie and was like you told her about my dream didn’t you? He assured my husband that he hadn’t and I asked him what he had dreamed. He said he dreamed that I rolled over to snuggle to him and it woke him up. He said that when I turned my back to it, it walked up behind me and was leaning over me in the bed staring down at me. We never spoke of this to my son. He had just finished his treatments for leukemia and was in remission. Not long after he relapsed. We moved out of the house and never really talked about it. Fast forward 2 years. My son was completely cancer free and doing fine and he out of the blue starts telling me about a black shadow man with red eyes that used to climb up his walls and onto the ceiling in his room at the old house. He said he thought he was dreaming but that he had also seen it in the hallway. I told him our experiences and needless to say we basically validated that we weren’t dreaming! I have no idea what it is but I think it is something evil, and demonic. I haven’t seen it since then and I hope to never see it again!

  8. Lucinda Crewe says:

    about 6 years ago i moved into my new flat, the flat was in a building that had burned down and been rebuilt like 3 times. i am not the only person in this building to have experienced occurances and at least 4 of the residents who lived here over the past 10 years since it re-opened have ended up in mental places. one resident even set fire to himself…on purpose.
    anyway during the last 6 years roughly in order here are some of the things i have seen, heard and felt.
    firstly i started hearing noises as though someone was shuffeling round my flat but there was no one there so i thought it was a draft or rats or something but that quickly escalated to seeing shadows out the corner of my eye and what sounded like children clapping coming from the center of the room on a few occasions.
    then one night my ex was staying over and i left the room to go to the bathroom, when i came back he sat up in bed and freeked out because he said i had already come back and got on top of him about to have sex but as i walked in the room whoever was on top of him vanished… he definatly wasnt lying because this also happened in the exact same way with my current partner. a couple of months later i heard my friend outside my door talking so i went out to see what he wanted and he also freeked out when i answered the door because he said he was already talking to me and didnt understand how one minute i was to the side of him the next i was comming out my door. on another day i walked down my corridor to find another of my friends passed out on the stairs, i awoke him and he quickly said something about an old lady telling him he had to leave the building before walking through him, he then quickly walked off sweating and shaking and it was about a year before he steped foot back in the building.
    next was other people saying i had been talking to them especially at the weekends when i am not even at home as i stay with my family then although they all comment on the fact that i seem to look slightly older. also people who come into my flat say they feel strange start shaking and sweating and seeing faces in the tv and in the windows, they describe these faces as ashy and burned,

    one night i had just lay down on the bed face down and felt like someone was right there i turned over and saw a tall figure of smoke standing over me. he stood there for about a minute before walking halfway across the room and vanished, my partner who was staying that night was a bit shaken up by it… the man would apear most nights and just walk around a bit then dissapear so i deffinatly didnt feel thretend by this one, he is different to the others. one of the last things to happen was a dream i had in which a greyish skined man with shadows around him and green/red/yellow eyes (like those old 3d images) stood in the doorway between my front room and kitchen, he was very angry with me so i shouted at him that he was no longer welcome and scince then nothing apart from the sound of smashing plates in my kitchen. obviously when i go in there there is nothing broken or out of place.
    i must add that all these things have happened when i have been fully concious… i do get sleep paralysis/ more frequently scince i moved there but never whilst any of these things have happened. over people im my building have seen this activity but not on the scale or freequency as in my flat.

    • Simon says:

      heh can’t comment as to the significance of your dreams / experiences, but just on a hunch, buy yourself a decent smoke detector and sprinkler system. Oh and don’t assume that emotional or frustrated equates to ill natured :)

  9. Fuck Your Feelings!.. says:

    Hey guys,whats does it mean when you half sleep and you cant move,but some how you hear a voice in your ear,buy you can’t turn your head?,,That shit happan to me many years ago

  10. Stacey Smith says:

    well I’m just as glad I’ve found this story I’m turning 26 this year and have been seeing shadow people all my life!!! till this day… it freaks me out, cause I know what I saw and when I look to see again it’s GONE!!!!

  11. Misa says:

    I have always seemed to have this shadow like “creature” follow me since I was about four years old. This creature in appearance is about 7’4″ broad shoulders, wearing a set of full plate armor with spike paldrons. He has feline like ears with piercing ice blue feline eyes. It normally stays in an incorporeal form in a corner watching me whispering, unless it comes near me it always pulls out a claymore going into a more solid form trying to stab me. In those times when it goes after me, it only retreats with the sound of a bell. I’m almost 23 now, does anyone have any idea what this may be?

    • Demi says:

      It has been quite awhile since you posted this but I have always dreamed about a tall dark shadow with blue eyes since I was about 7 im only 16 now and although I cannot relate to the Claymore and stabbing, this is the only description of a dark shadow with blue eyes I’ve come across so I hope you get a chance to read this.

      • Jen McEntire says:

        Hi, sorry for the delayed response. A few questions:
        Do you only see this figure in your dreams?
        Does the figure ever touch you in the dreams?
        Do you see this figure outside of your dream state?
        Answers to these questions and a little more detail about your situation can help me to better understand your predicament and try to help. Thanks!

  12. Elvis Guerra says:

    My 1st encounter was at about 5 or 6 year old age. I see a silhouette with blue aura watching at me. I don feel any fear, but curiosity. I know somebody is watching me but not certain who are. I have a theory, I use to have SLEEP PARALYSIS, vivid dreams and some astral projection. Once, I awake in a very real astral projection and walked on my room, when I see what can I do, I try to go to my neighbor house to see the sexy girl who live there. I can’t, and back to a dream. Maybe if I can do that, I BECOME a shadow people. And if she see me when I do that, maybe I have to run like somebody uncovered at peeping

  13. Manny says:

    Well I’m glad i found this blog, for I have many encounters with “The Shadow People”. This particular encounter that I’m about to tell, was the most recent one.
    It took place back in the Fall of 2007.

    I had been sleeping for a couple of hours, when I felt somebody or “something” had entered my room. I woke up and I looked around the room. I saw nothing, or so I thought ( mind you that my room is pitch black. I love sleeping with no lights on). As I went back to sleep, I felt the presence of something in my room. I got HOT and Sweaty chills running all over my body. As I tried to sit up, I heard some kind of weird noise coming from the corner of my room. I still cant describe the noise but, I ilke to compare it to the noise the monsters from the movie THE DESCENT make. The blind, white monsters when they are listenting to the noises. Anyways, back to my story. I found myself to be paralyzed from the neck down. Since this was not my first encounter with the Shadow People, I knew exactly what to do. I started moving my finger tips, curling them in towards the palm of my hand. Once I had formed a fist, I started pushing on my fist, trying to loosen myself, and somehow fall over the bed. At that moment, The Shadow quickly jumped on top of me holding me down from my hands and breathing on me. As I tried pushing IT off, I kept on screaming and telling the Shadow to go FUCK some one else.

    Somehow, I was able to break free from the Shadow. I sat up Sweating and panting, and look around for the Shadow, but it was nowhere to be found. So I went back to sleep. Or so I tried to.

    I Had just layed down and decided to sleep on my stomach. Within a minute, I felt the presence again. This time, I thought to my self, ” I’m going to jump of the bed and go straight at the Shadow”. But, unfortunately, I wasnt able to move. It was too late and the Shadow was on top of me pushing me down. As, I tried moving, I started noticing that i was getting weakier and weakier by the moment. I kept on hearing the Shadow like hiss at me and I felt it right behind my head.

    It got to the point where I told my self that I needed to fight this Shadow somehow or I was gonna die. I decided to fight this Shadow they way I learned when I was little. I used my spiritual energy to fight it off. It took me some time, but I was able to get it off.

    The Shadow and I came face to face. I was able to take a good look at the Shadow. It had no trace of a human spirit. It was black, and it was floating. Kinda of like smoke in the air. What I did notice, or what stand out to me is that, The Shadow seemed to have very long hair floating around the face. I was not able to see anything else, except the hollow red eyes. I also noticed that the Shadow seemed to be sucking some sort of White energyy out of me, and I think thats why I felt weak.

    That was the last encounter I had with a Shadow.

    A little bit about my self;
    Ever since I was little Ive been haunted. I see stuff that other people cant. I have what some people call A Sixth Sense. For some reason, I attrack Entities and I can communicate with them. Ever since I was Four years of age, Ive had many encounters with Shadows, spirits and Twice with a Demon. My father never told me that I was born with a gift. A gift that every first born of the first born son gets. As I grew older, I started to understand my gift. I learned from it and I became stronger. Now, I understand that WE, Humans, too can harm the Supernatural Entities. I must say, When you encounter this Shadow people, and they dont leave you alone, It could be extremely terrifying.

    Thanks for reading

    • Elvis Guerra says:

      Great story. I really like to send you a sketch I make about a shadow I saw when I was a kid. The only thing different about my experience is the blue aura, I can’t find nothing about that

    • Elvis Guerra says:

      This is the sketch

    • Daniel says:

      You seem to know alot about this kind of stuff it seems, I am the post from before this one, the story of when i was younger and my experience, recently i re-read your story and though about my past experiences and I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together, shortly after my experience with a shadow person I had a terrible 4-5 years when i slept in the room, I never saw the entity again, however I still feel it and for those 4-5 years i had terrible night terrors, they are like a living nightmare where your in between being asleep and awake, I always though its because I had gotten to warm in the nights since when i finally came to after each Terror I would be sweating buckets.

      Recently I have been reading up on connections and I found an interesting article about the different planes of existence, Some people have the ability to project them selves above their body and have an out of body experience called astral projection and this takes place on the astral plane however there are other planes and it has been agreed that there is a place called the Ethereal state where shadow people are said to be and it has been said that they can draw people out from their earthly body and take then to the Ethereal plane which is why you are momentarily paralyzed since you are not connected to your earthly body, I just wanted to get this out there just in case people have these same experiences.

      But you talk about the first son of a first son, that would be my older brother and when these night terrors took place I cant remember what exactly i could see however i would always call for my brother but when ever he came into my room it wouldn’t be his face it would always be someone/something else’s face it definatally wasn’t human it was torn up and it sends shivers down my back just picturing it. Hope this helped anyone who was wondering about why they felt paralyzed when ever having an encounter with this type of entity.

    • Fuck Your Feelings!.. says:

      Yo,do you gotta skype or fb .,im interested in your story,i also have a lil in counter with shawdow,and Paralizie sleeping problem

    • Simon says:

      Why would you want to harm anything, even if it was real? I’ve had a similar experience – in my case two smaller ones with glowing red eyes. I felt like I was weighed down too, but despite that I sat straight up. Was like time in reverse then. I went down my hallway, outside, somewhere in the sky was a star. I was in a cavern surrounded by what’s best described as stereotype grays, pink skinned and with bright blue eyes, with two irises.

      I know it’s easy to jump to conclusions when lots of people have the same sorts of dreams, as is apparently the case here, but that can happen at a smaller scale too. My kids independantly told me one morning they had a rough nights sleep as they dreamt I was a huge white giant and they thought I was scary. I will of course point out that I don’t appear to be a giant, nor do I recall being one at any point lol. A logical explanation would probably be a better one.

  14. Sammy says:

    I’m kinda glad in a way to know that other people have experienced something similar that I’ve been experiencing periodically for the past 21 years…it started when I was house-sitting at a late seventeenth century estate. I woke up one night and thought I had dreamed about a dark shadowy figure hovering above my body . Except I’m not so sure that I dreamed it. The next episode occurred approximately 5 years later while on a skiing vacation in Colorado. Only that time my sister, who was sleeping in the same room, had the exact same experience…a dark figure hovering above our bodies. Ever since I have had repeated episodes. I wake up screaming at the top of my lungs, drenched in sweat, heart racing…truly a terrifying experience. The last episode, it was hovering on top of my headboard. I’ve never seen red or glowing eyes. Just a dark, shapeless, hovering figure that literally levitates above my body. I’ve never seen it besides at night in a so called dream state. I do not ever have any other repetitive dreams, besides this night terror. Nothing in particular brings it on. I don’t know what it is, but I sense that it’s not something good or I wouldn’t be so terrified.

  15. Douglas says:

    Ok I experienced the same tall dark figure with red eyes last nigjt. it didn’t speak to me or touch me. It just sat far away smiling at me. I also heard many voices in my ear mumbling things and I couldn’t make out what either voice was saying. I didn’t wake up and see this I fell asleep and experienced it. I had fell asleep a little after 12:30 am and after I fell asleep and saw him just staring at me it frightened me so much I woke up. I was scared to check the time because I knew it was some time around 3:00 am. And sure enough when I checked my phone for the time it was 3:03. Before this dream I had been having extremely vivid nightmares two convective nights before and all day seing shadow figures out the corner of my eyes. I figured I was just going crazy but when I seen that tall skinny black shadow man last night I had to do some research. I’m sure its not that sleep paralysis crap because I didn’t wake up paralyzed. I went to sleep for 2 and a half hours and the red eyed man woke me up. I could feel someone in my room through the rest of the night. I did fall back asleep and had no dreams after, or at least I just don’t remember if I did upon waking to go to work. And the second night when I had a nightmare it was a wonderful happy dream that turned into a very scary dream with a wall that had three faces on it, the two outside faces were on fire and the middle one wasn’t on fire but it did speak to me so I went closer to it and it said do you remember what you did and I said no. Then the face told me I had sold my soul to satan. It gave me an exact date and quoted me but I had never done any of what it said I did. At least I don’t remember. And keep in mind this is the night before I seen the tall skinny red eyed figure sitting from afar staring and smiling at me. I don’t know if I’m going insane because no one can tell me any of this is fake. Im not scared to go to sleep tonigut but I’m thinking it could possibley get worse. I will be back to tell because I know I’m not alone. I think its just something evil trying to manipulate and scare me and that’s all. I am 21 I will be 22 this weekend on Sunday.

  16. Stepheyy says:

    I’ve seen the shadow person like 3 or 4 times. I saw it up close like twice. And all the time I saw it , it was in the hour of 4 (said to be the hour witch the ghost wake up and roam the earth). I was asleep and woke up exactly at 4:00 and by the foot of my bed it was sitting there and saying my name and was like if was comeing closer. At this time I couldn’t move or speak I was trying so so hard but nuthing and I closed my eyes and reopened them and it was gone . And the 2nd time I woke up and it was on top of me like holding me down i couldn’t move and talk or anything. And that time I closed my eyes like 3 times and is didn’t disappear till the 4th time. The first two times I saw it in a door way and going in the hall. I’m really curious about them ? Like what are they ? What do they want ? Are they good or bad ? Why do they choose to be seen by certain people ? If you have any answers or stories I’m veary intrested please e-mail me at : [email protected]

    I’m starting to feel okay knowing that other people see them too.

    • Manny says:

      I dont think they are good, the Shadow People.
      I have some encounters with them too.

      And, just like us, they too need to eat.
      I believe they feed off on us. the energy we release when we are scared/frighten.

      Thats just my conclusion due to all of my past experiences.

      • Simon says:

        So you’re saying they are real and the fear we give off feeds them? If that’s the case I’ll try harder to be scared next time.

        After all, the idea of helping another, even at small cost to myself must surely be a good thing. I guess you’re not a fan of charities or giving in general? :)

  17. Madison says:

    The first experience you had sounds like sleep paralysis. I have had sleep paralysis many, many times so I understand how it scared you. I have seen some pretty freaky stuff in that state. There are some people who believe that sleep paralysis is actually a demon attacking you, but I believe the scientific explanation. It helps me sleep better at night.

    • Evan Taylor says:

      Hey I have experianced this for the past month and the discription of the Shadow Person from the story is 100% right with my dreams I’ve had for a month.

  18. Praeradio says:

    Wow, very few people on here can spell, anyway. I was home alone in my house (which I am for hours a day) just playing my computer when I decided to walk to the neighborhood cemetery. That night I realized I brought something home with me. It’s only able to crawl along the ceiling, its joints seem to be broken to the point where they bend the opposite way, it’s head doing a full 180 so it could look down. Every time it moves a series of loud “crackling” sounds, like popping joints, fills the room. A few days later I found the grave which he came from by aura purging. His name is Phillip, he was a slave who was hung and burned for knowing to read, they broke his limbs so he could not run.

  19. Jay says:

    Sounds like ninjas to me.

  20. Jacob says:

    Hi I have been seeing a Dark figure with red eyes he tells me orders to do but I yell at him to stop telling me orders in my dreams also in real life he points to a case and I reach for it and it has a note and it says orders and what is in the case.

  21. Michael says:

    If this is related, i used to see whote figure run through my living room. If you heard about the three police officers killed in a domestic dispute in Pittsburgh, PA… One was a very good and close friend. The spector starts where he used to stand at parties.

  22. One night I WaS in my apartment, I had company. I was walking down my hall past my doorway entrance and there it stood, a black shadow figure in the dark corner as if it was hiding frm me. It was facing in my direction in the corner still as can be. I was walking by so fast to get to my friend, I froze speechlessly, doubled back in stilettos spontaneously as my guest could see because my bed was in front of the doorway of the hall I was walking down. It was gone just like that! I got goosebumps for the next five months every time I had to go in that closet of that corner. Talking about Eerie feelings. Well my son saw it about 10 months later. I’m thinking is he mocking me or making a joke out of this situation? Absolutely not, Ifelt my 11 yr. Old sons heart it was beating so fast I hugged him and told him it was our cousin who passed away. To clear his mind. So I asked him how tall was it, then I myself had to encounter this corner just to not show fear for the sake of my child. He estimated the same exact height and size of the one I witnessed. My son sleep in my room on the floor on the opposite side of the doorway until I moved. But guess what about one year and a half later, I was sleep by this time my son was still sleeping in my room but he was sleeping at the foot of my bed. I was about 7-8 months pregnant. My best friend was in the bed with me. I wake up because my phone is ringing continuously. As I opened my eyes there it stood a hooded black robed thing with RED gleaming eyes standing high over the foot of my bed. All I’m thinking is this thing is standing right above my son who was at the foot of the bed. It was high off the ground, It had it arms straight out as if it wear carrying a try. But its hands held nothing. It was so freaky and weird mind you my phone is ringing. I was so scared of this one because it was so large and it looked so powerful and strong. I grabbed my pregnant belly and turned over to answer the phone it was my neighbor down the hall. At this point her voice is so loud because of the complete silence, that I could hear her through my front door and the phone. She said, “Nick wake up Nick I’m at your door.”. Knock-Knock-Knock that thing turned so quickly and zoomed out of my room as quick and swiftly as a theif in the night. It was broad daylight approximately 10:30 A.M. I mean as it swept out of my room I could see its black robe floating away like a ghost from a scary movie. It went exactly to the same damn doorway I spotted the other one in. Just to think I had to go that same way to open the door for my neighbor. I was frantic. My bestfriend said she saw my face and she said I looked frozen still with my movements. She saw nothing because she was faced towards the pillow. Talk about scared to death. I had my baby, well I was scared to leave my children alone in that apartment. I was watching my 4 day old infant sleep. I turned my back for 5 seconds and then I turned around to adore my precious new baby and you wouldn’t believe what I witnessed. It was a face towel over my baby’s face. I felt like I couldn’t breathe! How do you explain this madness to yourself or another individual. You can’t, I looked around my room and said to myself, I gotta get the hell out of this apartment. I moved two months later. I thank God I got out of there sane. Never seen one since. But, I lived less than 3 blocks from a cemetery. I also lost a child I was pregnant with at four months at that location. I believe all your stories. You have to actually see it yourself to believe it. Those shadow people are real. I know what I saw I wasn’t intoxicated, on drugs or meds. They are here in America this is not a game. Rebuke all evil, people will bring evil into your home with them. Watch your circle and your back. #TrueStory

  23. I had these problems when I was a kid. I also had the feeling of “not being able to move” my dad also had this happen to him a-lot; when he was about in his 20’s he said he realized when you zone-out or are very tired you slip into dream like-mode; if I tired enough I could think of a song long enough and it would sound like they were plying downstairs in my kitchen… and there really is a chemical that restricts movement so you don’t act out dreams. GET A GOOD SLEEP SCHEDULE and the black man will be no more than a part of your tired mind. Really its all BS.

    As for consciously being outside at night and seeing something run toward me you can rest assure that trusty GLOCK21 is coming out of it’s holster (or someones gone looney).

  24. ian says:

    i was on my computer doing a school paper when all of a sudden i heard my name and it sounds like my sister witch she moved out 2 weeks before so i got out of my bed and walked out side i love spending time with my sister than i see this one out line of her and it turns to me and starts ruing away so i told it to stop it turn and i say this two blood red eyes looking at me i was stunned i could not move and all it sayed was my name and when away i ran in to my bathroom and puked until i had no food left in my stomach i here that nose ever night scene then

  25. allegrea says:

    Same thing happened to me in the shower and well i started to scream for my mom or brother. they came and stayed with me till the end.then i soon learned that was the evil wacthing me

  26. Nate says:

    This happened when i was in High School, I am 25 now. I was up late writing a report the was due the next morning. When I finished it was 3:00 AM. I walked through my living room turning a into the dinning room where I could see into the kitchen. As soon as I did, I saw a darkened shadow person, with dark red eyes that stood out. It was in my kitchen and did not move. It was not out of the corner of my eye but in plain sight. once I saw it I froze and for a moment I felt like I was looking down on myself from out of my body. Once that was over It took all my strength almost crawl upstairs to my room. the whole time I could feel it watching me. I got in my bed and It felt and sounded like someone was standing in my doorway. I tried to speak but nothing came out. then It all went away. I was home alone.

  27. Noe says:

    Ithis happened about a year ago, I was sleeping and I saw them but it was about two of them they moved to the cornor of my room and that’s where they stayed until they left for about two weeks they will show up off and on then one night I woke up and saw one over me I couldn’t move and it felt like it was holding me down the more I tried to move the more it would pin me down, it spoke and said”worship me!” I prayed in my mind to God and then I moved and It left the next day we moved my room around I got saved and I never seen them again. And i hope not to it was the scarist thing in the world, it gives me chills i told my friends and people this story and nobody thinks Im telling the truth, but I know what I saw its scarred in my mind.

  28. Alex says:

    The first ‘encounter’ you experienced, the one where you couldn’t move, is just sleep paralysis, where people wake up and are unable to move, and sometimes hallucinate, nothing supernatural i’m afraid.

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