Urban Legends: The Terrible Legend of Slender Man

There are legends and myths that have been around for centuries and have seared themselves into our minds and culture. Then there are those that have been brought to life by way of modern technologies reminding us of nightmares that should have been buried and forgotten. One such legend is known through internet popularity as Slender man.

The creature known as Slender man is said to have the appearance of a tall, lanky man in a black suit. Not so scary, right? Just wait.


He towers at six to seven feet with unusually thin limbs. His face, if you can call it that, is featureless and white, though some say that it can morph into whatever you fear the most. His arms, however, can stretch out to grab his victims and bend in unnatural ways with long, talon-like fingers used to scratch at the windows of children. Yes that’s right. While he haunts everyone who has the misfortune to see him, he prefers to devour those that are 16 and younger. He is also said to have multiple arms sometimes seen as long tentacles used to ensnare whomever catches his eye, or should I say, the void where his face should be.

The Silent Stalker, Slender Man

Slender man is a silent stalker that likes to hide in plain sight and is usually spotted in wooded areas where he could blend in amongst the trees and dark corners of the forest. When he finds his victim of choice, he follows them home and upon being seen through the window, can use a form of hypnosis that compels you to walk right into his spindly arms. Usually glimpsed at a distance, once he’s close enough to get a good look at, that’s when he slinks into your home appearing in dark hallways or blank t.v. screens.

American legend says that he was once a man who was tortured viciously, first being beaten with a log, then impaled with a 2 foot stick and hung from a tree with his arms and legs pulled from their sockets.

When captured, you will wake to find Slender man standing above you. He will ask one question and if you’re lucky and get it right, he breaks both your arms and legs. But if you are wrong, then he slowly sticks his fingers down your throat pulling out the heart. In circles on the internet Slender man is claimed to be the creation of a website called Many say that this alone debunks the mysterious legend and closes the case on the creature’s fictitious existence. Well, not quite.

It appears that the Slender man myth goes back a lot farther than is claimed. He is based on something called Der Grossman, meaning “tall man”, which is the Germanic version. Legend says that children would site him in the Black Forest days before their disappearance. All that was left behind would be the mutilated remains of livestock and in a few cases, village inhabitants would be found several miles from their homes impaled on the higher branches of the trees.

Romanian Tale of Der Grossman

slendermanA Romanian folktale tells of twin sisters Sorina and Stela that were led out into the woods one day by their mother. They could see Der Grossman close by, waiting dressed as a nobleman, his arms boneless as snakes and sharp as swords. The mother, under the order of the creature, told her daughter Stela to cut a circle in the ground with a knife and have Sorina lay down in the middle to be cut open. Stela refused and ran home to hide under her bed. When their father returned home, his terrified daughter told him what had transpired and he then went into the forest to track down the twins’ mother. The girl fell asleep to be awakened by a knock on the door. “Open the door, it’s your father,” a voice said. The girl refused. “Open the door it’s your mother,” the voice continued. Upon refusing once again, the door flew open to reveal the horrible sight of her mother holding the severed head of her sister Sorina in one hand and the head of her father in the other. “Why?” cried Stela. “Because,” said her mother, “there is no reward for goodness in this world, nothing but cold steel teeth and scourging fire for all of us. And it’s coming for you now.” At that moment, Der Grossman, or Slender man, slid from the fireplace clenching the surviving twin in his burning embrace. And that was the end of her.

Internet fiction or not, Slender man indeed has horrifying origins and lore from the old world. What makes this myth so fearful is the fact that to this day, people are still questioning the existence of this humanoid creature. Websites flooded with people claiming to have had sightings of him especially those that live near wooded areas. Even more terrifying is that he has been known to imitate the voice of a human calling out your name in the dark. And it seems that the more you talk about or research Slender man, the more likely you are to encounter him bringing life to a supposed legend.

All I can say is, now I have a new reason to be afraid of the dark.

Update: Make sure to check out our article on “The Tall Man” a movie about Slender Man that is set to be released August of 2012.

and the  Slender Man Game: The Review and the Horror article.


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Published on: April 26, 2012

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  • Diana

    Lol, I’m romanian and no one told me this tale.

  • Kitygirl1

    The last part just scared me because I can do research sometimes to learn more but now that I just read it,I’m going to do less research so that I can minimise the chances of having an encounter with slenderman…because it just freaks me out thinking about how maybe slenderman could just all of a sudden appear in my room for doing research about him…That really scares me. (. (. That’s a face.It’s a cautious expression looking out for something that might be. -

  • Kitygirl1

    Maybe slenderman is lonely and is looking for a friend,I mean,the guy is so lonely…
    Slenderman:*sigh*I wish there were more slender creatures like myself to hang out with in these woods…*sigh*
    Me:hmm…this looks like a good place to camp out!This is Perfect!
    Slenderman:Finally,some company…I hope this one doesn’t run away like all the others.
    Me:It feels a little lonely being by myself in these woods…I wish I had friends…
    Slenderman:*gasp!* This person wants a friend!This is my chance.I should come up to that person and try to see if she wants to be my friend!
    Me:Well,I should start setting up camp for tonight…(stands up and walks away.)
    Slenderman:(slowly walks over while trying to stay hidden)
    Me:(comes back with poles and unbuilt tent)Okay.Let’s get started!(hears noise and searches the area)Hmmmm…Nothing there.
    Slenderman:(comes out and shows himself slowly)Hello there,I’m slenderman.I am very lonely here in the woods would you like to be my friend?I don’t have any because whenever I show up they run away…Please don’t run I really want some company.
    Me:Don’t worry.I won’t run,I want a friend too I have been feeling very lonely ever since since I moved here.I’ll be your friend.Now we can both have company without ever feeling lonely again.Now we can be BFF’s!yay!
    Slenderman:Thank you for being my friend…You are the BEST!!!!!!
    THE END!(I hope you guys liked it!!!)

  • Kitygirl1

    Slenderman supposed to be made up by a person who as an active imagination for a website contest but then people started to spread rummors and the whole thing just blew up!And it then that’s when people started having slendeman sightings throughout the country.That is just weird…

  • Kitygirl1

    Well,I have to go…But I will be back later.

  • Kitygirl1

    I love my family anyway…

  • Kitygirl1

    I wish I had super powers so that I could just fly away from my house at anytime I feel like it…seriously sometimes it gets so overwhelming that I just wants to smash everything that gets in my way…My family can be so annoying sometimes it makes go crazy.They need to stop with the constant teasing…They know who they are…

  • Kitygirl1

    Am I the only one that is posting comments right now?Is anyone going to post something other than me?It feels lonely being the only one posting comments…But it’s fine I can always have a reply later…

  • Kitygirl1

    I know slender might not be real but I still get that feeling at night as if I was being stalked by someone outside my window.That’s why I don’t look out my window very often when it’s night time and dark…It’s very creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian_Moone

    If I was to ever meet Der Grossman aka slenderman or “slendy” in my safe haven of nature, I would welcome his demonic presence for his presence will answer the most sought question we humans been asking for centuries. We are not alone… we will never be alone in this life or in the next higher levels of life.

  • BlackFire

    Danielle that’s so damn cheesy it’s not even funny anymore if yu have problems like that you don’t tell he world especially if the topic is slender man

  • Slendy-researcher

    I’m doing a speaking exercice for school about urban legends, i chose this, and then i read, the more you do research about him, the more likely you are to encounter him.

    Shit. listen to this

  • william

    I don’t really know if slenderman is real I only have the games of him! So I want proof that hes real!

  • Elizabeth Conway

    Slendy!!! *hugs*
    (he looks like one of those people who needs a hug)

  • jahira

    Is slender man seen in new york?

  • mercediez

    I really hope that he is not real mercediez

  • Amyle33

    Slender man is like poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

  • Amyle33

    Slenderman comes from behind now that’s creepy.

  • shantel wolfe

    just dont think about him.

  • angel gaines

    I like reading scary legends. But Slender man is not real. I walk through the woods everyday and I’m still here. If he was real than I wouldn’t scream or shout. That would only make you do stupid things like walk backwards until you fall on your butt, then get killed. No, I would turn and run, while running I would think of a good hiding place or go to the closest house. You need to always stay calm and think rationally in a life or death situation.

  • Michele Thompson

    people really believe in this?? i believe in many things but this like really? iv been in the woods many times and yeah… iv seen the videos and played the game and yet im still here…..i didnt die yet….

  • 1ZillBilly .

    Sounds like a “TALTOS” to me.

  • Jason Adams

    Hush, thy childe, do not stray far from the path,or The Faceless One shall steal you away to Fairieland.He preys on sinful and defiant souls,and lurks within the woods.He has hands of ebony branches,and a touch as soft as silk.Fear The Faceless One thy childe,for he shall take you to a dark place.And what shall become of thou?Noone knows, so be good, thy little one-Alas! He is here to take thou away!
    Have fun now….

    • Kitygirl1

      You are just spelling things wrong everywhere!Not good!

  • Jason Adams

    the thing not mentioned enough, (its the reason “the slender man” is so popular on the internet). the saying “Speak of the Devil” come from the folktales of this creacher in tail that the more you seek speak or think of it the easy he would find YOU. and its not just bad childen its eats the souls of, the purer the soul the better, Virgins the purest.

  • Pixeledbatman

    HOW IS THAT ALL TRUE SLENDERMAN DOSENT EVEN HAVE A GOD DAMN MOUTH and 2 he dosent kill you like that he steals your soul he is not a normal being

  • Ginn

    If he does start to haunt you, make sure you have some plain old iron and some salt with you. The earliest legends of him call him a member of the dark Fae or Fairy Folk. These things are supposed to protect you and even harm the Fae.

    • Kitygirl1

      What the heck is a Fae?I don’t understand what you are saying!!!

  • jose

    slender man is stupid yolo

  • jose

    fuck slender man i was in the woods one day when i saw that stupid bitch trying to hide so i ran and started screaming GOD DAMM SLENDE. oh no hes here yiuhkjfhewihfaeqifh


    I am a very curious person by nature. I enjoy to observe from a distance. I enjoy to surprise people. I hope you all have heard of CreepyPasta’s. ((lol, u won’t sleep, yo)) I investigate things of many while still retaining a… rather childish personality. Granted, there are no woods close to here, but, apparently, that does not seem the case. He is, in a sense, invincible. With roots from Europe, wouldn’t you imagine that he just came from our friends over in European countries? If so, are we really to believe that The Slender Man is out to get us all? Not without a purpose or a reason. So if he “finds” you, then would that make you special? ((Random sidenote: what makes me wonder…. If you people, so called, “seen him more than 100 times”, then why, do you suppose he hasn’t gotten you? Then you say, “Oh, he’ll get u if u look at him”. NO. If you’re going to bullcrap me, at least have details and a little bit of proof. If you do, congrats. Otherwise, just stop. Please.))

    • Kitygirl1

      what’s with the moody adittude BIRDS?You might not think people need help and actually have problems with demonic creatures,but that does not give you the right to start throwing crap at people’s comments like that you know!

  • helen

    where did you find that roumanian folktale?

  • Ari375

    Okay I’m a very open-minded person and I believe in many things being possible. Like mermaids, Bigfoot, Lochness monster, and etc. But seriously you guys, now don’t be afraid of the unknown or the paranormal legends out there, because half of the time they’re based off of people who have very active imaginations. I love a good thrill from time to time, but why would you want to even play a game that could potentially get you hurt or killed? That doesn’t make any sense especially if you’re afraid of said “monster.”

    • Amelia

      I’m guessing people do it for the thrill. I mean, I used to play the game, but I stopped when I started having freaky dreams about tea parties with Slender Man (He had a different accent everytime…).
      But the dreams stopped and everything’s fine now. I mean, I’m only a little paranoid, but it’s cool. Keeps me on my toes.

    • Josie

      I believe in many things like you believe in but I don’t believe in slender man. I mean seriously who would believe in that?

  • Name (required)

    Wtf…slenderman was NEVER known as that in american legend…

    Thats what his legend says he is, he was never a man that was murderd…Dont go around changing Victor Surge’s creepypasta…thats just outright rude. This should be said that thats no a legend, just someone’s add to victor’s creation…slenderman was never a man beaten with a log, Get your creepypasta’s straight.

  • hunter (the pursued)

    HELP ME THIS IS REAL! I have been running for over a month now…it all started when i first began researching slender man after i played the game with my friends…to none of your surprise i found out from research that he is VERY real. I dug too deep…at first, i was fascinated with the idea. i began trying to summon him from the woods, not quite believing that he was real, but willing to find out. my friend, she was my friend, came with me on a camping trip into a very thick wood in the thickest part of south dakota. she told me she had to pee real quick and i told her i would go with her but she told me to stay…she need her privacy. (we were friends originally but over the past few weeks of delving into this horror we realized that our sexual attraction for each other was growing stronger in our misery) i respectfully backed down. I drifted back to sleep…too tired to even wait up…then when i woke up again i had no sense of what time it was but i realized she had not returned. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out, only the tent was not where it was pitched earlier that afternoon…now i was in a clearing and she was no where to be found. how the fuck did i get there and where was she???! I have gone back often and found no trace of evidence of the place we camped…and now I am having visions of him often. I am beginning to wonder if she ever was with me on that trip, and if we were ever even friends or if i was already in too deep and she as well as our campsite was part of the murky unknown this creature was sucking me into. that’s when I knew the only choice i had was to run. run and never look back. i’m still on the run. can’t stay too long in one place, or everything becomes confused and murky – two signs that slender man is closing in. and so here i am in this unknown, playing the waiting game, sitting bait waiting for his sexual games WHAT THE FUCKKKKK?!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO DONT TOUCH ME AHHHHHHHHHH

    Ficker Ich weiß, wer Sie alle auf dieser Website sind. Ich habe dich gesehen, und ich werde Sie
    - Slendy die kurvenreiche

    • Kathryn

      no….no………please no. I wish I couldn’t read German DO NOT LOOK UP THAT MEANING! I feel his presence drawing near.

      • Denaroxx1

        Fuck thnx for sayin dont translate it cuz i do the opsit gosh

  • marie

    What if he just wants friends? His origins are different. We don’t know how he got to the way he is now, but I think he just wants to know he’s not alone. We aren’t certain what happens to the people he takes, they could be well cared for.

    • Kelsey

      Lol hope so… I have been doing a lot of research, I am now afraid of sleep XD.

      • Slendy-researcher

        :P join the club

  • Danielle Bethea

    I know Slender Man and demons are real one is trying to posses my older sister (who is 16) so it can have a body and kill people. It’s getting so bad right now my sister actually has to sleep with blessed things and on sheets of prayer paper…me and a few other friends did one of those circle things when you all hold hands and then my one friend said some words in a different language and then we all felt agonizing mind numbing pain and what my two out of the four of us saw was my standing in the darkness then slow rose her head, tilted it to the side and gave a evil sinister grin and in a demonic voice she said all you fuckers are gonna die, then my one friend tried attacking me and the other ones body turned half black and he was screaming and trying to protect me. Then everything went back to normal after a few minutes. My sister and this demon’s negative energy was so strong it did that to us, and the two that saw it one went Christian and the other quit being a Wiccan. I saw only flashes of the images and sounds when they were shone and spoken. But it’s not only us seeing this my little cousins (3 and 4 years old) have nightmares of the demon and also see that happening to my sister. We are all terrified…PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!!! What should we do, she keeps changing and acting different more and more each day. I think it’s slowly getting inside her. This is all happening now, PLEASE i’m begging anyone to help us before it’s too late and she is lost forever. PLEASE..tell me anything that could be useful..

    • zack

      Get an exorcist to perform an exorcism on her.

    • destrey

      You NEED a empath a medium and someone well qualified in spirituality. I am a empath and i am well qualified in helping with anything dealing with spirits deamons and lost souls. My name is Destrey and my number is 270-801-8411 i am more than qualified to help save this girl and anybody that needs empathic help.

    • eric

      me and my freind will help u but i need to know about what has been going on so just look on youtube huntersof8 we are people that hunt down slender man and demons just message my email account so just contact this

    • Kitygirl1

      How can a demon posses your sister?Demons are not supposed to be real…or are they?Just in case call an excorsist and see if they can get the demon out of your sister there can be a possible chance that the demon IS getting inside your sister…We live in a giant universe that expands to infinity and all I can say is that nothing is impossible.We could be stalked by aliens flying in the sky with their flying saucers for all we know……Just saying…

  • Trentdunn

    I see dead people in my dreams they tell me the stories of their deaths one said a faceless man killed them… It’s was a kid who told me I never knew about slender man until recently. I’m scared.

    • mike9

      I like urban legends but thats all they are…… Legends

      For the young teens getting scared by this, there are plenty of real things in the world for you to be scared of. Google “the grey man” albert fish.

      Also the fact that you’re told the more you look for slender the more likely he is to find you and appear to you means that you over analyze everything. Becoming hyper sensitive. Something that would be mundane for another person is eerily relevant to you.

      Just like if you were told the house you were living in was haunted. If no-one had told you, you would not be hyper sensitive to all bumps and bangs in the night.

      It’s just the same as the nocebo effect (opposite of the placebo) eg. if someone puts a curse on you and you believe it you will change your habits and attribute any bad luck to the curse though it would of happened had you received a curse or not.

      One of the guys asked why someone would fake a video or blog….. well many reasons. To cause controversy, to cause fear, for fun, for money, for fame. Enjoy the myth but dont get too scared. You should be afraid of north korea and iran thats the real problem

    • marie

      Call a Catholic Priest, they’re the ones who deal with this.

  • dbuntain

    tell slender this if he gets this right,then hes a bogeyman,if wrong,hes not:if i took a walk at 9 pm,stopped at 6 am the next day,what would be the answer to this:9x7x3x4x2x5 square root of 10+654-362×12 divided by 7654 equal?=]

  • dbuntain

    tell that stupid slender man that i said this:im rolling thunder,falling rain,im coming down like a hurricane.i bring the messyou across thhe sky,you only slender but your gonna die!i walk in the light,nobodys putting up a fight!im gonna get ya say get ya!oh hells bells!yeah hells bells!you got me ringing hells bells!the temp. high!slender man everyone has to die!

    • sandslashr

      B-)Just to tell u slender man is not real but if you obsess about it u probably lose sleep and hallucinate so don’t obsess or you will think you saw him and it is better to not worry about it

      • Josie

        I obsess over him a lot but I never think I see him so im fine….for now….<3Xx

  • Darrengray

    I see dead people mostly slender he talks to me and ses… Na I’m messing with ya :) but still I do see him

  • ChloricLemon01

    I’m on the verge on saying Slender Man is real, but a part of me says he isn’t. People says he’s real, and vides of Slender Man, but there’s the same two questions poping up in my head. That is: 1.) What if the video is faked by people dressed up to play as Slender Man? 2.) Do people say Slender Man is real just to get a good scare out of people? Anyways, doin a report of Slender Man for myself, so I don’t worry. Good article!

  • document

    Ok if u read this now this is no lie I need help and I am so close to finding the slender man pls as you can see his name is not slender man I do not have much time but if u want to find out his name his Nick name gives it to u s and m if u do not believe me it’s ok I understand…………………………………………………..o + x………………………..u don’t find him. Him finds u

    • Elizabeth Conway

      His name is Richard( My Girlfriend told me).

  • Nye


  • hunter

    do not fear slender man appreciate him he doesnt take life he just simply gives u new life he is not a demon he was once man like us so u shouldnt fear just accept he will find if ur lucky he wont kill u slowly it would be rather quick i have seen him ive heard i dont i just except he is with me

    • me

      im hunting him he took my family…

  • sage

    i belive in him i know hes real i am doin a report on him

  • Alexis

    What’s the Game? I feel Retarded for asking but what is the Slender Man Game?

    • Josie


  • FTCazz

    he is so amazing and I saw him one time and then I didn’t know him and walked trough him and he disapeared once and I never saw him again


    • sandslashr


  • TooScaredToThinkOfAName

    This thing scared the shit out of me. I’m going to go board my windows and put 500 locks on my door now. And I will probably NEVER get another wink of sleep for the rest of my life… I’m 13, so I’m starting to panic here.

    • Jeffrey Ames

      Me to and the bad thing is that i have to do a report on him

    • Kelsey

      I have been doing a lot of research, I am now afraid of sleep XD.

  • jennifer

    slender man he is creepy. i’m the only one in my school that believe in slender man.i think he follow me becuase everytime i turn i see a differnt shadow.

  • jennifer

    well my friend told me that he saw slender man then he told me that slender man was hunting him.

  • Bill Papapetrou

    Living in the woods, slender arms, mimicking the human voice… maybe it’s the European version of the Wendigo.

    • Ginn

      You could be right

      • Josie

        It does… I meant to reply to Bill im a nummy……

    • Kitygirl1

      okay,I feel dumb for asking,but,what is a wendigo?

  • jessness605

    whoo i am almost seventeen then he won’t bother me~ ⊙▽⊙

    • Josie

      Your so lucky…..

  • Me just here in the corner.. Hi


  • malia mckinney

    The less you know the better right???.. Cause tbh i didnt read it all just a lil bit like the first paragraph….Its day time where i live and I sleep by a window my brother told me not to play the game or step on the floor i was liek bullshit… But ima do what as he tells me im not going to step on the floor or play the game… Ive seen videos tho >:DDD

  • RaftViper

    I actually don’t believe in Slenderman. I’ve played the game. I’ve heard he comes to those who fear him. Bad news is, the more I think about him, the more I fear. I’m now thinking of having a Minigun and shooting and killing him without mercy.

  • Kiravin

    Slendy is not scary he is awesome though he goes on killing speed every time when he ‘s seen.But he is scared of you deep in side. That’s why he kills you when you see him, he’s afraid your going to take him somewere to be tested on.He might be afraid of you calling the cops you just till him “I wont tell on you.”I have played the game even Hospice Elementary and all that.He is pisees at you too and afraid you’ll tell because in the past many have told that’s why he will haunt you.Hope this helped :).

  • emily

    This is freaking terifying i just read this shit and im freaking out jk this is bullshit

  • roxyfoxy

    OMG!!!!! Im scared shitless right now… i just tried to play the game…i didnt make it… i saw slender man and tge screen dtarted acting werid so i just cut it off… i think he is coming for me…. someone help me plz…. i should havfe listened to my boyfriend when he said to not play the game…. wish me luck guys… ima need it

    • RaftViper

      Just think about having a Minigun and killing him without mercy.

    • hunter

      dont worry just watch out for circles with x’s in them and if u see anything out of the ordinary im srry then u cant kill slender man

      • 05solarus

        im so sorry me i really am i have encountered him more than 100 times and yes i have been counting. do not search or he will kill you good luck.

      • Josie

        My friend and I draw that circle on our hands….Its the creepy pasta symbol so that’s why…..o3o

    • ConnorP

      Don’t worry. The screen’s meant to go like that when Slendy gets u. Plus, the people who thinks he’s real are just influenced by people trying to scare you, or they see what they think is SlenderMan because they’ve heard stories. The stories might be influenced by a piece of fiction, which is then influenced by photos in black and white. But he better not be real cuz I’m going on camp and I’m 12! R.I.P. Connor!

    • Kitygirl1

      That’s what it’s supposed to do,dummy.



  • Cierra

    I do believe it’s time to go play in the woods lol >:]

  • Woodland_elf_64



    • Kitygirl1


  • Snows_Spell

    I did an extra credit essay on him a few days ago. I think I did pretty good thanks to this website because it provided the most accurate information for me to write it. I’m going to complete the project by showing my class the game and letting them play it as well. :3
    Yeah, call me creepy, but I really enjoyed the project! :)

    • Me just here in the corner.. Hi

      I don’t find you creepy I think that’s cool tbh :)

      • Snows_Spell

        Haha, thanks. :3
        I got it back recently and made a 100 on it! OH YEAH!!

  • Anna Newell

    Well I knew he was real but no one ever believes me I think I’ve seen slenderman once before I turned 17 now he’s not there anymore lol

  • Violet

    This is so amazingly creepy! :3 I like stuff like this

  • NaTAlie

    wow i play the game slender and this has just doubled my scaredness if that makes any sense. thank GOD i live nowhere near any woods. i dont want to be snatched up by some tentacle/arms and have to answer a question that risks your faqin life man! crap! :(

    • Jen McEntire

      I barely got through the game, lol. Got my blood pumping!

    • hunter

      it dont matter where u live but he prefers the woods but u are never safe

    • Kitygirl1

      I don’t think I live near the woods,but,I do live near a creek that is not too far away from my house…It’s still creepy though.

  • Blaze Jesus

    I Am Very Freaked Out Now. I Have Been Talking And Researching Slender. Somebody Help Me. Oh Look At That… It’s Night Time

  • Miks

    Well im ath the camp for a month and yeah were camping for 2 weeks next to a childrens graveyard and im fucking scared im 12 i need to live 4 months oh and the runner of the camp called this camp Der Grossman and i was like huh i love german ill go now im like no no no no no no WHY? oh and my causing got missing not so long back im scared for him cause he said to me that he saw something wierd in the forest taht wanted to take his controll and i was like youre shiting me so go to bed that night i heard his slender man say my name i was up and i was like hello? and then i fainted but im fine now good god i have my laptop good god whats that out there? im scared guys i really am.

    • Kitygirl1

      Dude,your grammar is terrible!Why can’t people spell things correctly on the internet these days?

  • melissa

    WELL… im scared shitless now lmfao! gives me more of a reason to be scared of the dark, and knowing that i live near the forest… yep…

  • slender

    i will find you all

    • Ryan

      Come on then, Tall Man! Der Ritter. Der Grossman. I wish to meet you. Talk! Come on!

    • slender+stupid

      hhahahaha i love all those ppl that are all like “SLENDER MAN IS REAL AND I SEE HIM ALL THE TIME IM LIKE TOTALLY FREAKEDD OUT NOW”
      seriously guys? seriously? not trying to be mean or anything but its hilarious reading all these comments

      • 05solarus

        shut the f up man its an opinion and if u dont believe then shut up and stop laughing i kno people that have dissapered like gher whole family so SHUT THE F UP

    • Kitygirl1

      nice try “slender”, but you dont scare me!I know that you are just another random person trying to scare us,but Im not buying it!Ha!

  • Kyra

    I am now deathly afraid of the woods now. I used to love going out and playing around stepping on pinecones and stick that had fallen off of trees but now my trip are going to have to stop. I do not want to die from this way.

  • Ash

    i have done alote or reachrch on the slender man and almost eveything he says in this is true but now its going to be fun trying to go to sleep

  • Justin

    They made The Tall Man. It has to be related to Slender.

    • Miks

      imma see it

    • sebastian

      apparently there will be a movie called Slender Man in 2013. However there is almost no information on IMDB.

  • Jacob Palk

    Now i have a reason to be afraid of the dark and thank you for the info i am now physiccaly and mentally scarred.

  • Tiffany

    They have now its opening August 2012 movie called Slender Man

  • Jen McEntire

    Well apparently, they have made a movie called The Tall Man.

  • RayEl

    That is really creepy. I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t snagged this legend up for a series of movies. Unless they have and I just missed it.