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Waiting for The Last of Us

Horror video games have been around on consoles since the Atari with titles such as Beast Busters back in 1989. Through time they have changed drastically. There have been very successful titles such as Resident Evil, F.E.A.R., and Dead Space. More recently publisher Deep Silver released Dead Island which had one of the best trailers for a video game I had ever seen. This was the first game in a long while that was centered around zombies. Although the trailer was great, I was not impressed by the gameplay. The Last of Us will hopefully leave a better impression.

“Last of Us” Compelling and Visually Stunning

This year at E3 a new video game centered around zombies was showcased. It is titled The Last of Us. The game will be a Playstation 3 exclusive. The publisher, Naughty Dog, has never disappointed with any other video game titles that they have released recently. They are most recognized for creating the Uncharted series. That being said, the story line for The Last of Us should be very compelling and make it hard at times to remember that you are playing a video game and not watching a movie. After playing the game I am hoping that I will feel a real connection with the main characters and forget at times that they are not real people that I have met in person much like I did with Drake, the main character of the Uncharted series. There have been four videos released already telling the story line as well as showing actual gameplay of the Last of Us. After watching all of the videos I want to have my hands on a copy of the game right now and stop writing this article to go play the game until my eyes hurt from staring at the television and my hands ache from grasping the controller so tightly.

The Last of Us takes place in the United States where a plague has made people have zombie like tendencies. Sounds a lot like what has been happening now with the man eating a face in Miami and another throwing his intestines at cops in New Jersey. The player takes control of a man named Joel and a girl named Ellie who are somehow unaffected by the plague stricken cities. They have to scrounge for anything of use to stay alive including food and weapons.  Based on what has been released so far, it looks as though there are no other allies in the quest to make it across the country. The zombies are not your typical creatures with blood dripping down their face or their arms raised walking slowly towards you. The zombies in this game look like normal humans that are just overly aggressive. This makes the game much more realistic. With all of this zombie apocalypse scare going around in the United States right now it seems as though The Last of Us may soon be reality. This being said maybe Naughty Dog gave the recent real life zombies the bath salts as a way to promote their game release. I highly doubt this is true, but these recent news stories are definitely great publicity for this game that does not need much more as it is already being called one of the best games showcased in E3 2012.

Plagued Zombies and City In Ruins In This Horror Game

The graphics based on the gameplay footage released so far look great.  It seems it was almost captured on video rather than being digitally made on computers. The nature and buildings in the city include a lot of detail making each location really stand out. Everything in the city has been trashed by the diseased citizens and all that is left is broken glass, flooded streets, and cars that have been beaten to a pulp or set on fire. Joel and Ellie have been voiced over by the great voices of Ashley Johnson, as Ellie, and Troy Baker, as Joel. The way they express themselves in the videos released makes it seem as though they will soon become part of the family in households around the world.

Are you as excited as I am to use anything you can get your hands on to take out the plagued zombies roaming the streets and help Joel and Ellie make it across the United States in The Last of Us? The down side is that there is no release date yet, however it has been rumored that it will come out early 2013. If the game turns out to live up to all of its hype than it is definitely worth waiting until then!




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Published on: June 8, 2012

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