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Woman Pleads Guilty to Dismembering Man, Setting Pieces on Fire

Everyday in the news, whether it be the paper, t.v., or internet, we hear of awful tragedies around the globe or in our own backyard. Awful people hurting or taking advantage of others through criminal behavior or just plain ignorance. Angela Simpson however, resident of Phoenix, Arizona, is of an entirely different breed of criminal. The atrocity she committed is something I have only seen in the most vile Italian horror fare.

Simpson plead guilty on March 22, for the August 2009 murder of disabled man Terry Neely, 46.

Victim Was lured With Drugs, Got Torn To Pieces

She lured him to an abandoned apartment with the promise of drugs, but instead of fulfilling this promise she started beating him with a tire iron. She then stabbed him 50 times with different knives, strangled him, and drove a nail into his forehead, all while making him watch his own torture first hand in the bathroom mirror. This woman, if you can even call her a human, then burned Neely’s dismembered pieces in a trash can inside the apartment.

Terry Neely had been missing for 3 days from the assisted living facility where he lived. An investigation was soon underway by the Phoenix Police Department who discovered Neely’s motorized wheelchair outside of the complex where he was brutally slain. Police discovered that carpet had been removed and bloodstains in one of the apartments.

After a witness saw smoke coming from one of the apartments, he looked inside to see a contained fire in a trash can belonging to the city of Phoenix. Simpson and her accomplice, a man by the name of “Cracker”, then confronted the witness and asked to use his car. Afraid to say no, he loaned them his car and upon their return, had his life threatened if he told anyone what had transpired.

Police found the trash can around 9th and Peora Avenue with the charred remains of Neely. Inside was only his torso. They later found his head with a coaxial cable cord wrapped around it with a 3 inch nail driven into his head. Phoenix Police called it “one of the most heinous homicide cases the department has ever seen”.

Simpson Admits Crimes To Police

Simpson, who was already in jail for armed robbery charges, admitted her vicious crimes and gave a detailed description of what she did. After gathering blood samples from the remains, they found that it matched the samples found in the empty complex.

Court documents say that Simpson had believed Neely to be a “snitch” for the police which of course, turned out to be false. It seems to her that these actions are completely justified with this reasoning and she gives no remorse which can blatantly be seen in the video clip below.

She has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of first degree murder. Let’s hope the system doesn’t fail us on this one and release another psychopath amongst the masses after time served. Darkness is where this kind of evil needs to live out its vacant existence.

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Published on: March 30, 2012

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2 Responses to Woman Pleads Guilty to Dismembering Man, Setting Pieces on Fire

  1. Skot Six says:

    Wow a woman doing that…
    times are a changing.

  2. sareashira says:

    what in the hell is wrong with people? that guy was in a wheelchair! and even if he WAS an informant, does tha t mean that you stab and chop the guy up? ugh sometimes I dont understand people.