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zombie apocalypse 2012 movie playwithdeath

“Zombie Apocalypse 2012”- Netflix Review

Director: Nick Lyon
Date: 2011 (t.v.)

Picture this, if you will. Zombies!

I know it’s hard to imagine. It’s easy if you try.
Zombies everywhere, very few humans left on Earth

They let you know right off in the opening that the human race is going down like a meteor crash. The VM2 virus was let loose upon mankind and it was goodbye for 90 percent of the people on Earth in a very short period of time. (The zombie virus is called VM2. V.M. are the initials of one of the writer’s fiancés).

Survivors Emerge From the Shadows to Fight

A group of survivors comes out from hiding as the horror subsides and the dead have won. The living begin to try to make their way across the country to the Island of Catalina off the cost of California

I noticed a lot a “shout outs” to other Zombie movies in the dialogue, which was pretty funny.
Keep your ears open for them. They have a catch phrase for every type of zombie kill. “Stop and Drop,” “Wheel and Deal,” etc. which was also pretty funny.

They also have a name for every type of Zombie, because they did cover the whole Zombie food chain and they had slow and fast Zombies. Usually a movie picks a side of that “fast zombie/slow zombie” debate and stays there.

Lots of gore but it was so bad looking so often it was hard to look past. I swear I saw the same zombies dying over and over again. There was this one rather large Zombie…… I swear she died like three times. Do you think being overweight affects how fast an undead can run?

We’ve all seen unlimited ammo in guns in Horror movies, this was the biggest caliber I’ve seen. .50 caliber machine gun with huge bullets. The actor is firing the gun and the bullets are just not feeding into the gun. And of course it had the usual double barrel shotguns shooting like 10 times.

Great Actors and Bloodless Weapons

I liked the actors, they kept me entertained. Ving Rhames was great as the big bad ass that he usually plays. Hammers are fun against the undead. Lesley-Ann Brandt, I remember her from Spartacus (By Jupiter’s Cock I loved that show!) played Cassie and she was great with a sword that never seemed to get any blood on it………ever. Gore never seemed to get on any of actors or weapons! I found myself saying: “Shouldn’t he be covered in blood after that? But he’s not.”

I wouldn’t say it was a total waste of time, if you are drunk and want to watch a lot of zombies go splat and don’t want to think too hard while watching it, this is a film for you. Maybe on in background at a party, because there’s a lot of action but a plot full of holes if you pay too close attention.

It was obvious the people who made this movie have seen a lot of zombie movies. If you ask me they should have watched their own movie more times before they said “ this is ready for release”.

2 out of 5 blood drops

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Published on: April 15, 2012

Filled Under: Horror Movie Reviews

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One Response to “Zombie Apocalypse 2012”- Netflix Review

  1. Amar says:

    I’ve read that on the Archives of the Dead forum. It’s a good idea but I’m not good at writing a ziombe story. I did write another story called “Charlie” that I think is good enough for publishing but that could be just my opinion. I also read from Living Dead press that they did a sequel to Dawn of the Dead in a book. Dawn doesn’t need a sequel in my opinion. It was fine they way George wrote it except I think Peter should’ve got bitten and Roger should have survived. :-)