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Zombie Hunter Killer

‘Zombie Hunter’ Suspected in Double Murder Cold Case

Phoenix, AZ- A man has been arrested in Arizona as a suspect for a cold case murder that happened 20 years ago where two young women were killed (and one was decapitated).

Bryan Patrick Miller , 42, was arrested by the Phoenix Police Department after DNA evidence linked him to a double murder that occurred two decades ago.

Here is a short excerpt describing the two murders from ABC 15:

On Sunday, November 8, 1992, Angela Brasso left home to ride her bike and her decapitated body was later found in the field just east of her apartment complex near 23rd Avenue and Cactus Road.

On September 22, 1993, Melanie Bernas was also riding her bike when her murdered body was found near the Black Canyon Freeway and Thunderbird Road.

After further investigation, the police discovered that the suspect spent time on an art site ‘liking’ pictures of women that are both graphic and violent. It has been reported that Miller was interested in morbid and violent pornography.

Some of the ‘liked’ pictures bear similarities to the women who were murdered. The pictures depicted women who were stabbed, strangled. Some pictures even showed women who were apparently decapitated, much like one of the victims was. The mainstream media have described the suspect as a user on a ‘deviant art website’ (we have linked the DA profile at the bottom of this post. Please note that some of the images are graphic.)

The suspect has reportedly stabbed women on at least two prior occasions. He was acquitted on the more recent charge after he claimed that the woman tried to mug him. He has also previously served time for stabbing a woman as a minor.

Suspect was a hoarder, had zombie mannequins in car

Upon searching Miller’s home, they discovered that he was also a hoarder. According to police, there were ‘thousands and thousands’ of items in the house of the suspect.

There were also zombie mannequins found in Miller’s car, a decommissioned police car. A few people who knew Miller have stated that he frequented horror and fantasy conventions as a ‘Cyberpunk Zombie Hunter’ costume along with his unusual car. For this reason, the press are describing Miller as the ‘Zombie Hunter’ killer.

The police had long believed that the two murders were linked, but did not have sufficient evidence to charge a suspect until recently.

Miller has been charged for two counts of kidnapping and murder in the first degree as well as one count of sexual assault. He has denied any involvement in either girl’s death and states that he is unsure of why his DNA was found to match the DNA recovered from the victims. The police also recovered a bike from the suspect’s home, but are unsure of whether it was one of the victims’ bikes.

The authorities are now running Miller’s DNA against other murders and cold cases to try and potentially link him to other crimes.


ABC 15

Miller’s DeviantArt Profile (Warning: Graphic Images)

Reddit Thread in /r/Phoenix with further info

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Published on: January 21, 2015

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